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The 1B Visits Update’s thumbnail.

The One Billion (1B) Visits Update was an update released to celebrate 1,000,000,000 visits. It is the first game to get this amount of visits in under a year, and the update was released on March 3, 2018, when it hit 1B visits. It came with the arrival of a new vehicle, two new rims, a new bank escape route, and many more features.


With this update, there was a new car, (the SUV,)(Sports Utility Vehicle), two new rims, a new bank escape, and many more easter eggs. We have seen many changes in the color schemes, with them returning the way they were before the Fall and Winter updates.


The second item revealed by asimo3089 was the SUV. The price is $40,000 in-game cash and spawns in the front of the prison, in front of the Police Station 1.Its speed proved it to be close to the speed of the SWAT Van and the porsche, yet it is slightly slower than each. It's the third car in Jailbreak with four seats. It's now a very common car, especially with players owning keycards.

New Rims

The first detail of the update from asimo3089 were the Bloxy rims and Billion rims. These could only be purchased from 3/3/2018- 3/10/2018. The Billion rims costed $10,000 in-game, and the Bloxy rims are $25,000 in-game. The Bloxy and Billion rims were the only limited edition rims that costed in-game money instead of being in a safe. These rims were made available in safes shortly after their supposed ending date. But the Billion and Bloxy rims are in the Garage for sale.

New Bank Escape Route

The third thing revealed by asimo3089 was the new bank escape route, which has been hyped by many fans since the Winter Update. It is the door that used to say "Out of Service." In order to open it up, you need to stand close to it and press "E" if the door is closed. Doing that will put dynamite on it and explode it, and then you'll need to walk into the room behind it, climb out the ladder, and you will receive your money. This takes much more time than walking through the other doors, though it's useful for players that want to escape without a keycard. The door will close after shortly after a player has walked through.

Other Additions and Changes

  • There is now a soccer ball spawning in the middle of the ROBLOX logo in the prison yard.
  • Players without VIP get 2/5 a tank of Rocket Fuel each day they play.
  • The speed of the McLaren was greatly upgraded, but is still slower than vehicles like the Lamborghini and the Ferrari.
  • The map has seen some more vibrant colors being used, most notably the greener prison yard.
  • Confetti rain has replaced normal rain.

Easter Eggs

With nearly every update, there are easter eggs added. Here is a list of them:

Soccer Ball

A soccer ball in the middle of the prison yard, in the middle of the Roblox logo. It can only be seen in VIP Server. You can interact with this ball.


This has been a part of Jailbreak for a while, and in this update, there was much more purple goo added to the area around it, and the Meteor itself has grown larger.


  • The McLaren's top speed was increased.
  • The cameras and lasers have returned to their regular colors.
  • Wall-hugging to avoid laser damage in the Jewelry Store is mostly patched.
  • Jailbreak is the second game in Roblox to reach 1B Visits, trailing another game called MeepCity, by a month.