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The 1 Year Anniversary Update was introduced to Jailbreak on 4/22/2018. The 1 Year Anniversary Update marks one year of release of Jailbreak on Roblox.


The 1 Year Anniversary Update features a new 1M Vehicle, the Blackhawk, a Helicopter Rope, ladder for the new Blackhawk, a new escape, Spanish Translation for those who don't speak English, better controls for X-Box players and new cash prices from robbing places and more.


One of the main additions to the 1 Year anniversary update on Jailbreak was the BlackHawk helicopter commonly nicknamed the Army Helicopter. The BlackHawk spawns on the helipad of the 1M Dealership. The BlackHawk is currently the fastest aerial vehicle in the game and it is also the first flying vehicle to cost 1 Million cash in the game. The BlackHawk also has the most seating of any vehicle in the game seating up to 8 people. The BlackHawk's starting colour is a darkish camo green colour. The windows are a faded yellow type, and the propeller is a brownish colour. One of the primary features of the BlackHawk is the rope that can be released off the Black Hawk using the key "F". The rope allows players to grab the rope even if the Black Hawk is locked and bring the player up to a BlackHawk seat by retracting the rope. More information on the BlackHawk here.

New Escape

The new escape replaces the original wall escape added on the Official Release update. The exploding concept remains the same but the fence that goes in to the parking lot explodes instead. To explode the fence you must find the X on the ground to reveal where you explode the fence. Hold down e for a short time and the fence will explode. Run through the exploded gap before it closes and you will have to blow it up again. Once the fence has blown up you must run through the opening that leads into the parking lot inside the prison. If you own the SWAT gamepass, you can use the SWAT Van for a quicker escape. Once you are inside the parking lot you can use the SWAT Van for a boost over the fence or you can just run to the dugout where you can crouch underneath the fence and run over to the Camaro outside the prison. Beware that cops can spawn in the parking lot and cops tend to camp this location sometimes. For an even quicker escape you can use the SWAT Van to ramp out of the Prison with Rocket Fuel, using the ramp added inside the prison parking lot added in the last update. You can give players a boost over the fence if you are in the process of blowing up the fence. Sometimes if a player runs in between the exploded part of the fence, the player may get stuck inside the fence when the fence regenerates. If you are unlucky you might be thrown out of the map and die of fall damage and respawn at a Criminal Base. However, in an update some days later, the exploding fence escape was removed, and was replaced with the exploding wall escape.

Spanish Translation

Spanish translation can be toggled on by selecting "Spanish" for your language on the Roblox website. Spanish translation helps people understand basic commands on Jailbreak even if they don't know how to speak English. Unfortunately, the chat can not be changed into Spanish; meaning that you will have to read the chat in English even if your selected language on Roblox is Spanish. The translation was added to help people who speak Spanish understand English instructions in Jailbreak better.

Improved Xbox Controls

Xbox Jailbreak players now receive a mini map like PC users have by default, have a different set of controls that are better, and the ability to punch and crouch.

Other Minor Additions/Bug Fixes

  • A new body color, Sand. Costs $5000 Jailbreak cash.
  • Changed Jewelry Store amounts back to the default after the update.
  • You can now buy a larger quantities of Jailbreak cash with Robux. The new quantities of cash start at 2,000$ Jailbreak cash for 99 Robux up to 250,000$ Jailbreak cash for 10,000 Robux.
  • The paycheck received daily at 5:00 AM for police has decreased from $2000 to only $500.
  • Nerfed the Police team a little bit so cops are less powerful.
  • Fixed two glitches where the Camaro lags when using Rocket Fuel and where you could teleport.
  • Changed the Town ground texture to a texture with slightly more grass instead of dirt.
  • Moved the exploding wall escape to the fence next to the old location.
  • Fixed the hotbar not allowing a player to use certain items on mobile devices due to hotbar reordering.


  • Police choosing their spawn location was supposed to be part of the 1 Year Anniversary Update but the idea was scrapped at the last moment in Badcc's Twitter because the feature would be too overpowered if Police can spawn at the City Police Base automatically if a Bank robbery is in progress. Police choosing their spawn location might be added in a future update.
  • This update was released a day after Jailbreak turned a year old.
  • Not announced, but when the update came out, a new ramp was added. This is located in the Prison Parking Lot, with cones surrounding it.
  • Looking closely to the thumbnail of the update, you can see an arrow with the words "New Items Coming Soon" pointing at the store, probably hinting a new gamepass. This turned out to be true since nearly 4 months later, the Boss Gamepass came out.
  • Many people were outraged at the update as the cash amount for Jewelry Store robberies decreased, making it harder for them to farm money.