ATMs were introduced to Jailbreak in the 2018 Winter Update. They are in-game locations that can be interacted with to redeem codes for XP, Rocket Fuel, Tokens, vehicle customizations, and/or cash. ATMs can currently be found inside the Bank, Gas Station 1, Police Station 1, Police Station 2 and Train Station 1.


So far, there have been 25 codes released publicly.

Keep in mind that these codes are not case-sensitive, meaning that capitalization does not matter. For example, the code could be titled "test", but the code could be typed in as "Test", or "tEsT", etc. and the player would still get the reward.

NOTE: If the "Status" tab on the code says "Expired", it means that the code is no longer redeemable. If it says "Active", that indicates that the code is still available.   

Code Reward(s) Limit Type Origin Status
test 1,000 Cash No Limit Twitter code Badimo code test. Expired
QUANTUM 5,000 Cash First 5,000 players In-Game puzzle A puzzle that had to be solved in-game celebrating the 2018 Winter Update. Expired
THANKYOU 2,500 Cash No Limit Twitter code When Badimo posted this on their Twitter page for the new update. Expired
ExpertReader 5,000 Cash No Limit Description code ExpertReader was put in the description of Jailbreak during an update if players read the description. Expired
LIGHT 2,500 Cash No Limit Twitter code Implemented when there was a lighting bug involving the Voxel Lighting in Jailbreak. Expired
Royale 1 Royale Token No Limit Description/Twitter code To celebrate the New Battle Royale feature. Expired
FireFighter 5,000 Cash No Limit Description/Twitter code To celebrate The Fire Update. Expired
MovieMint 6,500 Cash No Limit Twitter code To celebrate the Bank Mint vault update and the New Jailbreak Trailer. Expired
DISCO 7,000 Cash No Limit April Fools joke Used to celebrate the April Fools update. Expired


No Limit Maplestick Twitter Puzzle Used when Badimo retweeted a Puzzle from Maplestick. Expired
SickDay 8,000 Cash No Limit Twitter code When one member of Badimo got sick, delaying an update. Expired
jailbreaktwoyears 8,500 Cash No Limit Anniversary and game puzzle To celebrate Jailbreak's second Anniversary. Expired
TenK 10,000 Cash First 10,000 players Twitter code To compensate for a delay on an update on April 29, 2019. Expired
SKYHIGH 5,000 Cash No Limit In-Game Activity An exclusive weekend (May 4-5 2019) event (Racetrack) made by Badimo as a replacement for an update, due to finals during the week. Players needed to reach the top of the Racetrack in order to find the code. Expired
JAILBREAKHD 3,000 Cash No Limit Description/Twitter/Discord code To celebrate Jailbreak receiving new lighting. Expired
DISCORD 2,000 Cash No Limit Discord code Code announced only on the official Discord server. Came with JAILBREAKHD during the HD update. Expired
Facebook1000 5,000 Cash No Limit Facebook code Code announced on the official Facebook page. to celebrate the Jailbreak Facebook page reaching 1,000 Likes Expired
reachforthesky 7,500 Cash No Limit Twitter/Description/Discord code Code announced at the release of the plane update Expired
yoyoheres1code 10,000


1 Hour Discord code asimo3089 posted this code in the Jailbreak Discord server randomly. Expired
jetmissiles 10,000 Cash 48 Hours Twitter code Code announced at the release of the jet missiles update. Expired
SuperReader 3,000 Cash No Limit Description code Badimo randomly announced this on the game description. Expired
refreshed 7,500 Cash 24 Hours Twitter code Code announced on Twitter Expired
ThreeBillionParty 3 Billion Tire Decals No Limit Description/Twitter/Discord code Code to celebrate 3 billion visits in Jailbreak Expired
Leaves 5,000 Cash No Limit Description/Twitter code Code announced at the release of the Season 4 update. Expired
feb2020 10,000 Cash 24 Hours Game description/Discord announcement Code announced at the release of the February 2020 update. Expired



  • This feature has been speculated and requested since the 2018 Fall Update, where Badimo stated that it could get added in the future.
  • On an ATM's screen is a logo of Twitter. However, the codes are not exclusive to Twitter; they can also be found in the description, in-game puzzles, the Jailbreak Discord Server, etc.
  • Once a code is redeemed, it cannot be redeemed again. Attempting to do so will result in nothing but the GUI disappearing.
  • If one were to redeem every code (if they were available) they would earn up to $129,000, the Armor Texture, the 3 Billion Tire, and a Royale token.
  • In the Ship update, an ATM was added to Police Station 2.
  • As the name implies, the code "test" was created as a test for the code system.
  • The code "QUANTUM" was the first code to have a limited stock; only the first 5,000 to redeem the code got the 5,000 cash. Also, the code was not provided through social media or in the game description. Instead, there were letters scattered around the map that players had to put together.
  • The code "jailbreaktwoyears" was also a puzzle with letters scattered around the map.
  • The code "TenK" was the first publicly released code (announced on Twitter) to have a limit. Only the first 10,000 people could redeem it.
  • The code "WEWILLTAKEOVER" was the first code that required solving a Twitter puzzle to find. The puzzle was created by Maplestick, and there were many parts to solving it. This was also the first code to have vehicle customization as an award.
  • The code "SickDay" was created due to badcc becoming sick, resulting in a delay on the 2 Year Anniversary Update.
  • The codes "ExpertReader" and "SuperReader" were both codes found in the game description.
  • The codes "TenK", "yoyoheres1code", "jetmissiles", and "feb2020" have rewarded the most amounts of money (all tied for 10,000 cash).
  • The code "reachforthesky" was based on a quote from the Toy Story character, Woody. The reason the code was named this was likely due to the release of Toy Story 4, as well as the recent addition of planes into the game.
  • The code “yoyoheres1code” was the shortest-lived code, lasting only one hour.
  • The code "SuperReader" is the longest living code.
  • The most recent code is "feb2020", added after the release of the February 2020 Update.
  • Only 2 codes offer vehicle customization, "WEWILLTAKEOVER", which awards the "Armor" texture, and "ThreeBillionParty", which awards the 3 Billion Tire Decals.

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