Apartment furniture is a key factor in renting an apartment. There is a lot of furniture to choose from to put into your own apartment; from beds to TVs to even Tiki Torches. Each piece of furniture and furniture color costs $200. Below is a list of furniture that you can buy, along with a picture of every single piece. The colors are able to choose from are sunset, charcoal, white, strawberry, cherry, caramel, daisy, minty, or pacific; and all these colors will cost $200 in-game cash to buy.

Apartment Furniture Gallery

NOTE: All furniture are shown in default or white color. You can change your furniture‘s color to other colors, not just white or the default colors.


  • Furniture was added on July 19th, 2017; right along with apartments.
  • The point of apartment furniture is to make your apartment look less empty and/or bland.
  • The Pool Table is purely decoration, and players cannot actually play a game of pool.
  • Winter furniture was added in the 2017 Winter Update.
  • You can only buy and place the Pool Table in the most expensive and tallest apartment, most likely as a perk.
  • Every piece of furniture (including the winter furniture) costs $200.
  • You can't interact with the pool table or TVs, as it is just for decoration.
  • The winter furniture is still obtainable, even when it isn’t winter time.
  • You can change furniture color into other colors other than the default ones, (sunset, cherry, etc.).
  • Even though there are paintings you can put in your apartment, there are not any photos or pictures on them, and you can’t put any pictures on it via a Roblox Photo ID. This is probably due to copyright and/or inappropriate content that could be in photos or pictures.
  • The “Modern Table” used to be un-customizable, but was later changed a few hours after the Apartments Update.