Arresting is a common act done by the police. Arresting is the police's main job to accomplish, and one of the main options that the police have to earn Cash Icon.pngcash. This action removes all items from the criminal/prisoner's inventory, and restricts movement right after being arrested. Criminals and Prisoners who are arrested will remain handcuffed for 10 seconds until they go back to their cell in the prison. If the criminal/prisoner's bounty is over Cash Icon.png$2,500, then they will be sent to the Island Prison. Criminals and Prisoners can break each other out of handcuffs if they are willing to, but this is bugged for Prisoners and sometimes bugged for Criminals.


An arrested criminal

An arrest is what a police officer does to get a criminal's bounty and send them back to the prison. An arrest can be done to a hostile prisoner or any criminal in Jailbreak. Here are the common ways people get arrested in Jailbreak:

When players get arrested they lose all their items, such as keycards and weapons (except for handcuffs and taser if you managed to get those as a prisoner). They will also lose their robbery cash if they were in the process of robbing, and the bounty they had collected. When players get arrested, the police who arrested them will receive Cash Icon.png$400 ($480 if VIP), plus their bounty if they had one. If an arrest is successfully made, a criminal who is not arrested can break them out within 10 seconds. If they break the player out, they will still have no items, but remain a criminal or free prisoner if they were arrested as a prisoner. If players get arrested once more they will automatically teleport to the prison without standing still at the location that they were arrested in. When players are at the prison because of an arrest, they'll have to wait in their cell as a punishment for 20 seconds. While they wait for their 20 seconds to end, they can grab any items they had stored in their Bed Drawers. When players get arrested, they have to escape prison again to go back to being a criminal.

Tips and Tricks

How to avoid getting arrested:

  • Try to avoid robbing the Bank on servers that have many police officers, because all the police officers get the notification that the Bank is being robbed and will most likely enter and try to arrest players or bust the robbery.
  • Purchase vehicles near robbery locations, such as the Porsche or Classic Car near the Museum, or the Chiron near the Jewelry Store, the Lamborghini and Model3 by the Bank, and the Pickup or ATV when on the Train.
  • Players are encouraged to avoid attacking several police officers at one time as they can easily outnumber the player.
  • Don't trust every police that offer free keycards; they can just be baiting players for a reason to perform an arrest.
  • Players are encouraged to check the mini map to see where police officers are.
  • Try to team up or stick with other criminals because then they can kill police officers faster and break players out if they get arrested (if willing to). Use vehicles with many seats, like the Pickup, Model3, SUV, SWAT, Helicopter, Monster, Cybertruck or even BlackHawk.
  • Don't take risks with a high chance of being arrested unless that is a player's only option, such as escaping the Bank with a police camping the staircase.
  • Always have a backup car in case a player gets ejected, and officers defend or lock their car.
  • If players are at low health and a police officer is chasing the player, they're encouraged to jump around in circle around the police officer to break the E prompt and make it harder for them to tase the criminal.
  • If a large number of police officers try to storm the vault, run straight into the lasers of the bank and die before they make it in the vault, Criminals will lose all their items but it's better than having their bounty collected by Police and going back to the Prison and having to escape again.
  • If players are going AFK (Away From Keyboard) for some time, they're encouraged to do it in a place where police officers don't see them such as the Fire Station or one of two Garages.
  • If a criminal sees an arrested criminal, they're encouraged to check if a police is camping/guarding them before they undergo the process of breaking them out. Some police officers use them as bait to arrest another criminal.
  • Never run on foot, as it is a huge risk; police officers can easily pull up and arrest the player. If there are no vehicles that the player owns around them, they should try to catch a Cargo Train/ Passenger Train to speed up transportation to make themselves less vulnerable to a Police Officer, and potentially make money while the train transports them to vehicles like the Model3, Pickup, and ATV.
  • If you're under serious pressure by a cop with no means to properly escape, your best bet is to try and kill yourself. Although you'll lose your items, it's better than being sent back to prison. In addition, you will lose your bounty, therefore cops won't go after you as much as they would if your bounty is high.
  • Use the Jetpack to fly say from police officers, this is one of the most popular and useful methods.

How to arrest criminals:

  • Try to camp at places like the Jewelry Store, the Bank, the Donut Shop, the Gas Station, the Cargo Train, the Passenger Train, the Museum, and Gun Shop 1 and wait for criminals to come.
  • Bring gangs of police to arrest large gangs of criminals. However the extra police officers might steal arrests to criminals with high bounty.
  • Tase criminals so that they can't get away or use weapons.
  • Police are encouraged to check their mini map to see where criminals are by finding red dots on the mini map.
  • Players are encouraged to pretend to be a police who gives away free keycards by just standing still by prisoners, but arrest anyone who pickpockets them.
  • Players can take advantage of the Airdrop Briefcases, as it lures criminals into getting it and being arrested. Note that an arrested criminal standing near or on it can still pick up the airdrop briefcase,  so it is recommended to kill the Criminal to prevent this.
  • Try to shoot criminals to slow them down. Police officers should ensure that they do not kill them, though.
  • Police can arrest multiple criminals all at once if they bust a Bank robbery. However, the risks of being killed are higher, depending on the Bank floor.

How to find out if a prisoner is guilty:

  • If a prisoner punches the electrical box or punches a prisoner or police at least once, the prisoner will be guilty for a while but if the prisoner avoids arrest for some time, the prisoner will become innocent.
  • If a prisoner picks up a weapon or Keycard from pickpocketing or from a police officers dead corpse, even when the prisoner taps the E prompt for a short period of time, the prisoner is guilty.
  • If a prisoner runs inside an area where they are not supposed to go to like Police Station 1, the Prison parking lot, or the Sewers, they become guilty.
  • If a prisoner successfully escapes prison, police officers can arrest criminals with no penalty.
  • They can also tell if a prisoner has obtained a keycard if they open a door that requires a keycard to open for prisoners/criminals, so they can arrest them without a penalty.
  • If a prisoner enters a vehicle, the prisoner becomes guilty and players are able to arrest them.
  • If a prisoner reveals any item such as a flashlight or a donut, they are considered guilty even if they get the item from one of the Bed Drawers located in the cell area.
  • If the prisoner is blowing up a wall, they will become guilty.
  • Police officers can shoot or tase prisoners who they think are guilty to see if they actually are guilty without losing Cash Icon.png$25 (it's better to tase, though; because they can become a prisoner if they shoot innocent prisoners too many times). Hostile prisoners will ragdoll when tased and they won't get a warning if they shoot a hostile prisoner.
  • Using the Baton and Sword to find guilty prisoners, if the prisoner takes damage this means he or she is guilty. This is a very useful and underrated way.


If a police officer collects money from a Prisoner or a Criminal, it would be considered a bribe. Bribing prevents a police that picked up the Bribe from arresting anyone for 45 seconds. This gives time for the criminal/prisoner to evade police without having to be arrested. Police who pick up money that has been dropped from a criminal/prisoner will receive a notification stating that they have been bribed. If players are bribed, chase the criminal around and constantly shoot them to low health and taze them, and arrest them when the timer is up. They should be careful as criminals can still attack and kill them, making it unwise to raid a large group while bribed.

Missions (Removed)

Prior to the Nukes update, missions could reward police officers money for arresting criminals. There were 3 missions that could be completed for arresting criminals/prisoners.

  • Arrest 50 prisoners/criminals.
  • Arrest 10 players while they're tased.
  • Arrest 5 criminals with a bounty over Cash Icon.png$1,000.


This fresh new replacement for missions, added in the December Winter 2020 Update, are now the only ways to earn XP and level up. Arresting or breaking someone is also part of some contracts for players to complete.

  • Arrest 2 criminals without dying.
  • Arrest 3 criminals without dying.
  • Arrest ($500/$750/$1250) worth of criminal bounty without dying.
  • Arrest $5,000 worth of criminal bounty without dying.
  • Break someone out of their handcuffs.


Ejection is a feature that has been in Jailbreak since the very early stages. Before the Store Robbing Update, players had to click the car in order to eject criminals out of their vehicle but now, they only have to hold "E". This tactic is used to kick criminals/prisoners out of cars to arrest someone. When players press E on a vehicle that holds a criminal, all criminals will be kicked out of the vehicle regardless of which seat they pressed eject on. Criminals will also be unable to enter the vehicle for a few seconds, allowing players to arrest them. Sometimes, they could get arrested before being ejected due to server lag.


Breaking people out of handcuffs (also known as a Breakout) is an action can be done by criminals and prisoners.

In order to break someone out of handcuffs, the player must be arrested by a police officer. Players are encouraged to help themselves first, before helping others. When a player gets arrested, they have 10 seconds to be broken out of handcuffs before they respawn at the Prison. It is recommended to kill the officer before players attempt to break them out of handcuffs, but killing the officer gives them less time to save their fellow criminal. Once a player has been arrested twice, the player cannot be broken out and they will immediately spawn at the prison in their cell. When a criminal is attempting to break out another criminal, they'll have an "E" prompt pop up on their screen. After breaking someone out of handcuffs, the outbroken criminal will not have their items back.

Police Report

Added in September 2020 Balance Update. It was leaked by asimo3089 on twitter on September 2nd. A police report GUI will pop up at 5:00 AM in game which allows police to obtain a paycheck and arrest bonus. When added together with the daily paycheck and the arrest bonus.

Police get Cash Icon.png$1200 as their daily paycheck. SWAT gamepass players get another Cash Icon.png$200. And for every arrest that you make you will get an extra Cash Icon.png$100.

The stats are reset if you change teams.

Tap Arresting

Tap Arresting is a Feature that is exclusive to Mobile Jailbreak. Unlike PC and Console all you need to do is Tap the Circle and they will be Arrested this is probably due to the Fact Mobile Players would have trouble holding the screen. Some players criticize this feature due to the fact that all you need to do is tap one time and they will be arrested. There is also a way to get Tap Arrest on Windows 10 by downloading Roblox from The Microsoft Store and downloading an app that makes Roblox act like a Tablet or Mobile Device.


  • There is a glitch where a criminal or prisoner can break out of their handcuffs on their own by spamming RB and LB (works only with an Xbox controller). However, you will still get teleported to your cell after 10 seconds.
  • Police cannot arrest a criminal from inside a car, they have to eject them first.
  • There is a glitch where players can sit in a chair to avoid arrest. There will be no E prompt; but prisoners can still get shot, or get tased, causing a player to fall out of their chair, and get arrested.
  • There is a glitch when a criminal cannot be arrested. An officer will have to kill them or see if another police has a working E prompt. If they want to deal with them by themself, the best thing they can do is wait for them to go to the Bank and perform a bank bust to arrest them.
  • There is a glitch when players can't arrest a prisoner who is escaping the prison by the explosive wall. If officers try to arrest someone who is doing this method, sometimes the game will say that the player is innocent.
  • Origininally police officers would only have made Cash Icon.png$25 per arrest (Cash Icon.png$30 for VIP per arrest).
    • It was buffed to Cash Icon.png$100 per arrest (Cash Icon.png$120 for VIP) in the Official Release Update.
    • It was buffed again now to Cash Icon.png$400 per arrest (Cash Icon.png$480 for VIP) in the Rocket Fuel Update.
    • However, it was nerfed to Cash Icon.png$200 per arrest (Cash Icon.png$240 for VIP) in the Sewer Escape Update.
    • As of now it was buffed back to Cash Icon.png$400 per arrest (Cash Icon.png$480 for VIP) in the Cybertruck Update.
  • Before E prompts where added, users had to click on a hostile prisoner/criminal to arrest them, and click cars with handcuffs to eject players. One of the now-removed tips above their inventory said "Click on criminal cars to eject the driver!" and not to press E. This can no longer be seen as the tips have been removed.
  • If players break a criminal out of handcuffs, they would have to wait 15 seconds before they could break another player out of handcuffs.
  • If a criminal or prisoner dies while they are cuffed, they will still go straight to prison to respawn in their cell. A police can kill a cuffed player so that they cannot be broken out of handcuffs.
  • Police cannot arrest prisoners and/or criminals for 45 seconds if they were bribed. (To be bribed, police officers must pick up cash dropped by a prisoner, criminal, or even another police).
  • Criminals and guilty prisoners who got in an arrested position will unable to move for few seconds before they got teleported to cell.
  • In the early development stages of the game, if a criminal with default clothing got arrested they would change into a prison jumpsuit before they go back to prison.
  • Sometimes criminals who have already removed their prison jumpsuit will still appear in their default clothing when arrested. If you reset while arrested, you will go back to your prison jumpsuit.
  • When Jailbreak was first released, police officers could arrest innocent prisoners without any sort of penalty. This was constantly abused, but fixed the next day.
  • If the arrested player has a bounty of $2000 or more, they will be sent to the Island Prison instead of the regular prison.
  • Mobile players can tap to arrest, while PC users have to hold E.
  • Resetting will not work to get you out of handcuffs. You will spawn at the prison for 1 or 2 seconds, then teleport to your cell.
  • Handcuffs are invisible on criminal's hands, unlike the real life handcuffs.
  • Some people "combat log" or, leave the game, when getting arrested.
  • In the early stages of the game, there was a small glitch, where a prisoner or even a criminal was in an arrested position, however, they could move freely. This glitch did not affect the gameplay since players could still interact with objects, for example, the Power Box.


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