BOSS Attire is worn by criminals that own the BOSS Gamepass (R$300). The clothes are optional and can be picked up at one of the Criminal Bases. Besides the clothing, players also get a pair of sunglasses, a bandana, and a small cape.


  • This outfit was added in the Weapons/Items Update, on 8/14/18.
  • The sunglasses are the same as badcc's glasses on his avatar. badcc is the scripter, co-founder, and programmer of Jailbreak.
  • The cape comes from Maplestick1’s avatar, and is just re-textured to be black. Maplestick1 is one of the designer of the vehicle textures, along with ruddev_luke.
  • asimo3089 wears the suit, tie, and pants. The clothing is not noticeable since asimo3089 is wearing an avatar package, which doesn’t show the clothing.
  • Police cannot wear BOSS Attire.