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Badimo is a Roblox development team that is behind the creation of Jailbreak. The team is made up of badcc and asimo3089, although they have hired other creators and players from the community to help with content updates.


Badimo currently has accounts on X (formerly known as Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and an official Discord server centered around Jailbreak.


Badimo has created a few number of experiences on Roblox, including:


Jailbreak is currently the most successful creation of Badimo. The game has won several awards[1][2][3] and has been featured by Roblox many times, such as being in a part of Roblox's Official 2020 Trailer and being featured on the icon of Roblox's iOS app. The icon also used to be on Roblox gift cards.

Jailbreak is a police-versus-criminals experience, where the player can choose to be a police officer to arrest criminals and collect their bounties, or be a criminal who robs stores and attacks police officers.

What sets Jailbreak apart from other experiences of similar genres, such as Prison Life, is the introduction of functional robberies, more unique vehicles, and a cash system and economy. The Jailbreak Wiki is centered around this game.

Badimo announced that they were going to stop doing monthly updates for Jailbreak on the 29th March, 2024. [4]


Rocketeers is the newest experience created under the Badimo group that was launched on February 16th, 2024.[5] The experience was first opened on February 7th with a hangout inside in order for the game to appear in search results.[6]

Rocketeers is a Rocket Launcher fighting game with intense team combat, rocket jumping, parkour, and real time world destruction all in one place.

More info about the game can be found on the Rocketeers Wiki.

Monument of the Dead

Monument of the Dead is one of Badimo's newer experiences. It is a zombie survival/infection game, where players can mine to receive ammunition for weapons. Players must obtain "Remedium" from the Monument of the Dead, hidden away on the map, to win the game.

Monument of the Dead was supposed to be released in its Alpha stages at 5 pm EST on October 29th, 2021.[7] However, its release had been delayed[8] to November 26th, 2021 on 6pm EST/3pm PST due to an outage in Roblox that made every part of Roblox inaccessible. Its release date was later delayed again to November 27th, 2021 on 7 pm EST due to major bugs.[9]

On May 10, 2022, the game was made private until "further notice". As mentioned on the game description page, "We have fun ideas to take this project to the next level but need more time before we get back to it. Stay tuned!"

Testing Jailbreak

Testing Jailbreak is an experience made for testing Jailbreak updates. Players can test the update's content in this experience before it is released to the public in Jailbreak.

Testing Jailbreak does not receive frequent players, as they are required to be in the Jailbreak Testing Team group to gain access to the experience. At times when it is opened to the public, players do not need to spend any Robux to enter. Previously, it costs GoldenRobux300 to enter.

In Testing Jailbreak, players can test upcoming features, items, vehicles, etc., and give feedback before their release. Players can also take part in special events on the testing server, like the famous Underwater Jailbreak event in 2018-2019.

As of May 2021, when Testing Jailbreak is opened to the public, its servers are made free to allow the public to test certain changes and give feedback without any Robux payment, such as once on October 3rd, 2021.[10]

The experience has currently not been updated at all since August 8th, 2023 and is likely not used anymore.

Testing World 2 (Jailbreak)

Testing World 2 (Jailbreak) is also an experience made for testing Jailbreak updates. Players can test the update's content in this experience before it is released to the public in Jailbreak.

asimo3089 usually sends a link to the game on X (formerly Twitter) on either his personal account or the Badimo account. Players then click the link to join the game to participate in public testing. It is unknown if the previous testing world is still updated or not.

Access to the testing world costs GoldenRobuxTBA.

Badimo Vehicle Demo V1

Badimo Vehicle Demo V1 is an experience made for testing the Badimo car chassis. In this experience, players can drive the car through various areas with unlimited Rocket Fuel. Buying access for GoldenRobux26 would unlock the Checkered texture in Jailbreak, but this is no longer possible since the experience is currently closed for most players.



asimo3089's Twitter profile.


asimo3089's Roblox avatar.


asimo3089's NPC in Jailbreak.

asimo3089 is the co-founder of Jailbreak, and the designer and artist for the game. His role is to design and make vehicles, buildings, and other models for Jailbreak. He is officially called the "Builder" in Badimo.


asimo3089 is 29 years old (born December 9th, 1994) [11]. He used to work as a grocery store manager in real life [12] while balancing out with his development on Jailbreak, before quitting to work full-time on Jailbreak.[13]

Before Jailbreak, asimo3089 had made many other high-quality model games. One of his more well-known past games was Ultimate Marble Rider, which was created somewhere before June 2014 [14] and gained over one-million visits.[15] He has been in the process of making a game called Marble Rider since March 2020, [16] a replacement of Ultimate Marble Rider, which is in testing and was expected to release sometime in 2021.[17]

asimo3089 previously worked as an intern for Roblox before working on Jailbreak. He lives in Southern Arizona [18] and has five sisters.[19] He did not attend college.[20]

asimo3089 has alts to play Jailbreak "for a more organic experience".[21]


badcc's Twitter profile.


badcc's Roblox avatar.


badcc's NPC in Jailbreak.

See badcc's article on Wikipedia.

badcc, real name Alex Balfanz, is the main programmer and coder of Jailbreak. He is officially called the "Programmer" in Badimo.


badcc (also known as badccvoid on Twitter) is 25 years old (born May 5th, 1999[22]). He started programming Jailbreak while in his senior year in high school. He was a college student of Duke University, where he had been studying since the fall of 2017.[23] He graduated sometime around the May or June of 2021.[24]

badcc worked for the Tesla Autopilot team in the summer of 2020.[25] From October 2019 to February 2020, badcc studied college abroad in New Zealand.[26] He lives in Florida.[27]

badcc is also known by his real name, Alex Balfanz.[28]



Badimo has been impersonated by many people to gain followers, subscribers, etc. An example is the Instagram account "virtual_badimo", which has around 1K followers. To confirm this was an impersonation account, asimo3089 tweeted that Badimo has no Instagram account (at the time),[29] nor does asimo3089 or badcc have one themselves. asimo3089 and badcc themselves have also been impersonated by other accounts on social platforms.

To prove that virtual_badimo is fake, it had a post of the Rising City at night, which showed a new City model and new cars. This was never added.


Note: The data below are listed chronologically and updated as of June 21st, 2024.

Officially established by Badimo, where community members gather and interact with other people.
Media Name Made on No. of members
Discord Jailbreak April 25th, 2017 387K+
Reddit r/JailbreakCreations May 7th, 2021 23K+
Instagram realbadimo January 1st, 2022 2.2K+
TikTok Badimo February 5th, 2022 51.5K+
X/Twitter Jailbreak Community November 2023 8.5k+

Officially ran by Badimo for game-related announcements and information.
Media Name Made on No. of followers/subscribers
Roblox Badimo Around 2017 3M+
X/Twitter Badimo April 2017 678K+
Facebook Jailbreak September 31st, 2018 9.1K+
X/Twitter Jailbreak Collector May 2021 8.9K+

Personal accounts of members of the Badimo development team.
Media Owner Made on No. of followers/subscribers
X/Twitter asimo3089 October 2010 955.2K+
X/Twitter badcc March 2010 324.4K+
YouTube asimo3089 October 2nd, 2010 222K+
YouTube Alex Balfanz (badcc) November 14th, 2011 94.8K+
Reddit asimo3089 May 3rd, 2013 N/A
Reddit badcc August 15th, 2017 N/A
TikTok asimo3089 March 29th, 2022 2.3K+


  • Before the release of Jailbreak, Badimo made a game called Volt, the inspiration of the Volt in Jailbreak.
    • Back then, the developing studio was called TeamVolt. Players can still join the group, but there is not much activity in the group, as now most of the attention is on Badimo.
      • There is a message on the group from asimo3089 written on April 12th, 2017, just before the release of Jailbreak, that reads, "Thank You for your continued support to Volt!".
  • Badimo is a portmanteau of badcc and asimo3089.
  • The newest addition to the Badimo team, CritStyx, was teased in the April 2022 Discord Q/A, featuring asimo3089.
    • asimo3089 said that he would keep the Badimo name in spite of the addition of CritStyx.[30]
    • On June 25th, 2024, CritStyx left the Badimo team.


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