The Bank is a heist location in Jailbreak, along with the Jewelry Store, Passenger Train, Cargo Train, Museum, Power Plant, and Cargo Plane. This location can be found in the City as one of the tallest buildings located in the city. The Lamborghini, Model3, and Roadster spawn near this location.

When Jailbreak first came out, the Bank was the only robbery place in the game. A number of glitches were experienced by players, making it unable to be robbed. Badimo has made an effort to fix them, and until now, most of these glitches have been patched.

In previous updates, with the introduction of different bank floors, the Bank was viewed as the hardest heist in Jailbreak. Recent updates, however, have decreased the difficulty of those floors, making the bank one of the slightly easier heists, along with the Jewelry Store.

There are seven possible heist situations in the Bank, along with an ATM in the lobby, next to the door, that you can enter codes into. The bank building itself has no upstairs area, only seven variants in the basement. It is unknown if this will change in future updates.


"Death chase" by ROBLOX
Advantages Disadvantages
Gives criminals notifications when a police officer enters the Bank. Requires a keycard to rob.
Police officers cannot enter the Bank basement and vault if a robbery has not started. Getting the money is incredibly time-consuming for criminals, especially for players who own the Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass.
Consists of 1-3 different escape routes depending on the kind of bank floor. A timer will appear on criminals' money GUI when one leaves the Bank, leaving others one minute to escape successfully.
Fellow criminals can team up to defend themselves more easily. Not recommended to rob when a server has more than 5 police officers.
Some floors are easier and shorter to rob than the Jewelry Store. "Presidential Vault" is notably difficult to successfully rob for inexperienced players but appears rarely.
Quite easy to rob (excluding the Presidential Vault). Anyone can enter during a robbery, so police can arrest players or bust a robbery.
"The Mint" and "Floor: Blue" are floors that are very easy to rob and gives a good amount of cash.

Police officers can easily hide underwater in the "Financing: Underwater" floor, so criminals cannot easily see them trying to arrest or bust the robbery.

The floors give more or as much cash than the Jewelry Store for non-duffel bag owners. The "Presidential Vault" gives more than the museum for non-duffel bag owners and more than the power plant for duffel bag owners.

Bank sections

Classic: Remastered

Classic: Remastered is based on the underground section of the Bank that used to exist from the Public BETA Release up to the Bank/Jewelry Store Variants Update, or "Mega Robbery Update". Follow the staircase down into the basement, players can find a small laser parkour, in which they have to crouch and jump over a few lasers. The vault waits at the end of the mini lobby.

Looking out from the vault, the metallic door leading to the ladder escape is on the far wall. Behind the door is a corridor with two lasers to be jumped over, with the ladder at the end of the corridor.

If criminals successfully rob the Classic: Remastered to the maximum amount of money, they should earn up to:

  • $2,000 (Default)
  • $3,500 (Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)
  • $2,400 (VIP Gamepass)
  • $4,200 (VIP Gamepass and Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)

Floor: Deductions

Floor: Deductions is a rather more tricky - although still easy to rob - floor with several moving lasers awaiting. Walk down the staircase to a large room. To the right is an open area filled with moving lasers and the bank vault. Go straight and players will end up at the metallic door to the ladder.

The ladder escape is much more unique in this variant because once the door blows and opens, the right wall when standing away from the door will move left and block the path leading to the vault, cutting off any incoming players from entering through that route. Just as happens, part of the first wall that can be seen when climbing down the stairs will open up to a blue laser lobby. The metallic door will also lead to this room. The room consists of a few jumps and 2 crawling points with the ladder at the end of the lobby. It is also worth noting that the path will revert to how it was before once the door closes.

If criminals successfully rob the Floor: Deductions to the maximum amount of money, they should earn up to:

  • $2,500 (Default)
  • $3,000 (VIP Gamepass)
  • $4,000 (Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)
  • $4,800 (Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass and VIP Gamepass)

Financing: Underwater

Financing: Underwater leads players down the stairs to a path leading to the ladder. The staircase leads to another staircase leading into a body of water. Follow the staircase down into the water to reach the vault.

There are a number of lasers on the surface and at the bottom of the water, which can be easily avoided if players do not jump when in the water. In front of the Vault is a laser moving vertically, blocking the vault. Players need to time it right to dodge the laser. Criminals can then begin placing dynamite on the vault.

Looking out from the vault, players can see a small metallic door on the left wall. Explode it and follow the path. Jump over a few lasers and duck under the laser wall at the end of it. Now would have reached the ladder and the path leading out of the Bank.

The player can alternatively swim left instead of right to the far wall. If the player ducked and gone under this wall, a secret room is found with a decal of the Jailbreak logo above a small pad and a sign saying "Shhhh, this place is a secret! Great job finding it!" in front of it. If the exploding door closes while a player is inside the room, the entrance will slide back and the player will be trapped inside unless someone else explodes the door or the timer runs out. This Easter egg is only for decorative purposes.

If criminals successfully rob the Financing: Underwater to the maximum amount of money, they should earn up to:

  • $3,000 (Default)
  • $4,500 (Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)
  • $3,600 (VIP Gamepass)
  • $5,400 (VIP Gamepass and Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)

Presidential Vault

Presidential Vault is arguably the hardest variant to rob. After players drop down the hatch, there is a wide, empty corridor, consisting of a solid translucent laser wall that moves from the front to the back of the corridor. When players touch this wall, they can ragdoll/fall to the ground, allowing the laser to make more damage. To get past it, players must run towards a 'safe point' - small gaps in the wall where then they can hide and wait for the laser wall to pass again. After one or two turns of this, players will reach the vault.

The vault in this variant is the only one yet to feature lasers inside, having a few lasers on the ground which can be jumped over. However, the difficulty is avoiding damage from the vertical lasers moving back and forth. Players can avoid this by moving left and right, or aligning themselves with the gaps that are in between the 3 incoming lasers. There are 2 sets of these and each has 3 bars that follow inversely, dividing the room into halves.

There are two ways to escape the Presidential Vault: The entrance, or via the metal explosive door.

Escaping by using the entrance is an easy one to notice. A ladder was secretly added in an update for players to climb back up the way they came in. Players only need to go back to where they started and climb the ladder. Since the entrance section is dark, blending the ladder with the wall, inexperienced players can easily overlook it.

The metallic door is located just in front of the vault, though the door much larger than all its other forms. The corridor (which is also the largest) has a few lasers on the ground and 3 vertical lasers that move diagonally. At the end is a laser wall made of 4 smaller lasers that have can-collide (solid and obstructing) enabled. Duck under this wall to reach the ladder and escape. This method of escaping is highly recommended due to players not having to risk exiting through the front door, however, police can camp either exits, preventing criminals from escaping without getting arrested.

If criminals successfully rob the Presidential Vault to the maximum amount of money, they should earn up to:

  • $4,500 (Default)
  • $6,000 (Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)
  • $5,400 (VIP Gamepass)
  • $7,200 (VIP Gamepass and Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)

The Mint

The Mint was added in the Mint Update (03/16/2019). Past the sliding doors that need a keycard, the path will be similar to the classic vault, with brick walls, colored "Mint Green". Turn left and there is a hallway with a laser to jump over, and one to crawl under. On the left, there is an invisible wall, with a series of money processing conveyor belts and dark doorways behind it, and on the right, there is a wide, open room with checker-layout lasers on the ground. At the end of the hallway, there will be a large laser obby which players must jump over and navigate through to reach the vault.

Inside the vault, if the player walks up to the second bag of money from the left and crawls, the player will be able to crawl into it, revealing a hidden tunnel. This tunnel is extremely large and has the brick walls outside the vault. If you stand up/stop crawling, the screen will glitch and you will have to crawl again to move, similarly to the old vent escape in the prison. After a few turns, the player will end up entering the money conveyor room they passed earlier, having entered from one of the doors. Like the "Financing: Underwater" variant's hidden room, this room has no purpose; the room does not prevent you from getting arrested and the cash on the conveyor belts is uncollectable.

If criminals successfully rob The Mint to the maximum amount of money, they should earn up to:

  • $3,500 (Default)
  • $5,000 (Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)
  • $4,200 (VIP Gamepass)
  • $6,000 (VIP Gamepass and Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)

Floor: Blue

Floor: Blue is arguably the easiest bank floor to rob. Everything inside the variant - from props to walls - is a shade of blue. The floor drops directly down through an elevator shaft, similar to the Presidential Vault. After dropping down, in front of the player would be the metallic door, serving as the only method of escaping in this variant. Behind the player would be 4 sets of laser obstacles, each with one laser to jump over and a vertically moving laser above it. At the end of the obstacles is the safe vault, which is decorated with case files and cash.

If you successfully rob The Blue Room to the maximum amount of money, you should earn up to:

  • $3,500 (Default)
  • $5,000 (Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)
  • $4,200 (VIP Gamepass)
  • $6,000 (VIP Gamepass and Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)


Corridor is the most recent bank vault added to Jaibreak. It is added in the February 1, 2020 Update. It is a medium-hard vault to rob, consisting of three sets of easy-to-avoid lasers, which can sometimes be ignored by walking through the room on the left (facing the vault). Between the two pathways, there is a hole in the middle, with moving lasers that can remove 1/5 of a player's health when touched. There is no way to get back up after falling into it, however, unless players have jetpacks equipped with them. There is no gap for the players to wait for the vault to open, so they have to stand in front of the vault without getting hit by the vault door. The metal explosive door onsidered as a harder version of the main obby (1 set of easy-to-avoid), like the other safety rooms on the left, which have no obstacles.

If criminals successfully rob the Corridor vault to the maximum amount of money, they should earn up to:

  • $2,000 (Default)
  • $3,500 (Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)
  • $2,400 (VIP Gamepass)
  • $4,200 (VIP Gamepass and Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)

How to rob the Bank

The player must be a criminal to rob this location and it has to be open. This can be indicated by the lights being on and the "Closed" sign being off.


To rob the bank, you will need a Keycard and possibly other items depending on your skill:

  • A keycard. Required to access the Bank the proper way.
  • Weapons. Recommended, used to kill police that attempts to arrest you in the Bank.
  • Donut/ForcefieldLauncher. Recommended, but not required, used to heal health if you are on low health.


After you obtain a keycard, you can open the double-doors and iron doors leading to the stairs or use the side door on the left side, then walk down the stairs to the vault area. There are then seven possible vaults: the Presidential Vault, Classic: Remastered, The Mint, Underwater Financing, Floor: Blue, Floor: Deductions or Corridor. Each vault has a different obstacle course, mainly consisting of lasers (which take away 1/5 of your health), that you must pass in order to get to the vault. Once you are in front of the vault, there will be dynamite placed on it automatically. Do not stand in front of the vault, because the blast will send you back into the lasers. If you lose your health, you can eat a donut (if you have one).

Stealing the money

Once the vault is open, simply step inside and money will automatically enter your bag, $50 at a time (in the Presidential Vault, there are still lasers inside the vault so you must avoid those, commonly by turning sideways). When your bag is filled to your satisfaction, you can escape.


There are three ways to escape in all variations

First escape: Main door

The first way is to escape through the main door. This can be the most challenging way as you have to avoid incoming police walking through the door and arresting you.

Second escape: Side door

The second way consists of walking through the side door. The side door leads to the alleyway, making it a stealthy way to escape.

Third escape: Metal explosive door

The third way, added in the 1B Visits Update, consists of going through the metal door that changes location depending on the bank variant. The player must first place dynamite on the door, wait for ten seconds, and it will explode. The player will go through a corridor to a ladder at the end. When they go up the ladder, a trapdoor opens, near the side entrance of the bank. As waiting for the door to be opened costs time, players sometimes open it before they start robbing, and while they are robbing, the dynamite is placed and they can use it for a quick escape after they are done collecting cash. However, it will only stay open for a minute when you blow it up. If it closes, you will have to blow it up again. It is recommended to use this way to escape if you do not bring a keycard with you, but doing it will cost some time. Be sure to stay far away from the door when using this method, as the explosion might push you into the lasers and you might die from them.

Bank robbery bust

This happens when a Police officer walks into the vault. As a police officer, this is very difficult to pull off, considering you must make it through the lasers and the criminals inside the vault will most likely shoot down any police officer they see. If a police officer happens to make it into the vault, it'll say "[user(s)] got busted in a bank robbery." If any of the robbers had a bounty, right below it will say "[username of the cop who busted robbery] collected [username(s) of the robber(s)]’s [bounty amount] bounty!". Two or more messages will appear if the robbers had different bounties. If none of the robbers had a bounty, they will just get the normal arrest cash amount ($200,$240 for VIP users). Criminals who robbed the bank but escaped before a police officer busted the robbery will not be arrested.

If you happen to be in a server with a police officer that can exploit, do NOT rob the bank, because they can easily bust your robbery. Some police officers, however, wait until the vault explodes (it creates a lag spike for players near the vault) and then rush into the vault.

The difficulty of busting a bank robbery depends on the bank floor. It not only depends on how difficult the way to the vault is, but also how vulnerable you are to gunfire. This makes the Presidential Vault and Classic Remastered harder than any other bank floor to bust, due to one having an insane difficulty, and the other is a straight line with no way to hide from gunfire and lots of lasers. This also makes Financing: Underwater the easiest bank floor to bust, because not only does it not have any hard obstacles, but the water protects the player from visibility.

There is a bug where if a police officer enters the vault in Financing: Underwater while there are no criminals inside, the robbery will not be busted and players will not be teleported out. This can be fixed by walking out and in again.

Tips and tricks for robbing/busting the Bank

  • Do not try to open the metal explosive door before you rob because it provides a slow and difficult escape from a bank robbery. However, the explosive door will close after 1 minute and it will have to be blown up again, making it almost impossible to get away with a full bag. Also, this escape can be used if the player with the keycard dies or gets out before you do.
  • It's highly recommended to bring donuts, weapons, and explosives to help defend and keep yourself alive in the bank.
  • It is highly recommended not to rob the bank alone unless there are little to no police on the server. Try to bring a group of criminals because they can help you shoot police inside the bank and decrease the chance of a bank bust.
  • Try throwing grenades and launching rockets to damage police who are camping the stairway. This method can be very costly, considering that 5 grenades cost $10,000, and 10 rockets cost $10,000.
  • While waiting for the vault to open, position yourself where you can easily defend the entrance path against Police without them being close to you (e.g. for the Mint vault, jump over the two lasers perpendicular to the vault and wait in the corner away from it and the entrance path.
  • Weapons such as the Shotgun and Uzi are the preferred choice of weapon to arm yourself due to there very high damage at short range, however, any weapon will work.
  • A good aim is necessary for taking out a police officer trying to storm the vault.
  • If a criminal with robbery money leaves the bank, gets arrested, or dies, the bank robbery one-minute timer will activate. This gives all the other robbers one-minute to exit the bank successfully with their robbery cash or get kicked out if they don’t make it in time. Players who’ve already exited are not affected by the timer, and will still get the money.
  • After all of the criminals leave, get arrested, or the bank robbery timer hits zero; all criminals and police will get teleported out of the Bank and criminals will lose robbery money if they have not collected it.
  • It is a good idea for a police officer to camp the stairway and behind the explosive metal escape door if they have low health, preventing criminals from escaping easily.
  • It's not a good idea to use a large Rthro package when doing the bank laser obstacle because players will still take damage, even if they crouch under the lower lasers that require the player to crouch. This is due to some Rthro frames having a bigger hitbox than the R15, due to the body type's tall appearance. However, smaller Rthro packages with smaller hitboxes, such as the Magma Fiend, make it easier to complete the bank obstacle and make it harder for police/criminals to shoot you due to the smaller hitboxes.
  • It is best not to use animations that widen your character if you want to have an easier time robbing the bank; all variants require you to go past lasers at one point, often forcing you to crawl under tight gaps which may be fatal.
  • It is a good idea to rush in the vault in easier courses just as it is blown open. Most of the time, the explosion creates a minor lag spike for nearby players and therefore most cannot react in time to deal with you. This also means you should be ready to shoot any police that tries this tactic if you are a criminal.
  • Use a glider to bust bank robberies easier as most criminals would not expect this tactic because of the lack of use of the glider.
  • Bring a force field launcher when busting bank robberies as the force fields not only protect you from gunfire, but they also refill your health.
  • It is recommended that once the player sees the "Police have entered the Bank" notification, if he/she is in the Financing: Underwater room, he should rush to the stairs fast and place cash on it. The police will most likely pick it up and enter the vault. A bribed police that enters the vault causes all players to be teleported out of the bank, but not arrested and since the cop is bribed, the player has a huge chance to getaway
  • As the player plays more, they will realize that crawling under them OFTEN results in their death, either because:
  1. A Roblox avatar height is exactly the same as the gap between those "bottom" lasers right before and after those "medium and high" lasers.

So when the player crawls, they are most of the time, almost always touching those lasers. They should notice that their attempt to prevent damage by crawling DOES NOT actually prevent damage, in fact, they actually receive guaranteed damage by crawling.

  1. Their character accidentally touches some lasers and they are moving slow when they crawl so the laser REPEATEDLY damages them


Even though the Bank is the first robbable location to be added to Jailbreak, it is one of the most criticized.

Entering the Bank

Many players criticize the bank because it takes a long time to collect the money even if it is risky, and it requires a keycard to enter from the main door. Since police only have a 25% chance of dropping a keycard upon death, it can sometimes be tricky for players to obtain a keycard to rob the Bank, unless they create an alternative account (alt) to pickpocket in the prison before escaping.


Police tend to camp the exits of the Bank which prevents criminals from collecting their money without getting arrested. This commonly happens on servers with a large amount of Police.

The Presidential Vault floor

The Presidential Vault has been criticized for being difficult, even for many experienced and veteran players, especially on slower servers where the moving lasers tend to lag making it hard to tell where the moving lasers are. This leads to players believing it is not worth the money to rob the hardest bank room. In an update after that, the Presidential Vault room was made slightly easier by making the gaps wider and stopping the big slider to hurt you when holding E on the exploding wall, settling down some criticism. For an unknown reason, this change was later reverted. The criticism came back, so it was changed again. As of September 1, 2019, players can collect up to $7,200. As a result of this, the criticism slowed down by some amount, but still gets some criticism.

Old gallery


  • It is not recommended to rob the Bank if there are more than 5 police officers in the server (unless they are not very good at the game).
  • When robbing, players collect $50 at a time from the vault or $100/second. However, if they have the Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass, it will slow down the rate at $2500.
  • If any criminal exits the bank, players need to quickly escape the bank within a minute. (Criminals that die do not count to the timer.)
  • The Bank closes if the robbery is busted, all criminals die, all criminals exit the bank while it is under robbery, or if the bank timer runs out.
  • When a Bank robbery is over, criminals will always spawn on the right side of the Bank next to the side door, and police will spawn on the left.
  • Police can camp inside, outside, the exits, or on the roof of the Bank. Much like the Jewelry Store and the Museum.
  • Until February 28th, 2018, it was possible to glitch into the Bank without a keycard. This glitch likely existed because of an attempt to fix the Penguin/Snow Gentleman glitch.
  • Most players who have Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass skip the bank because of how little money you get and the likeliness of a bank bust but players who don't have the Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass do not have to wait in the bank vault as long to fill their duffel bag.
  • In a minor update, a low fence in front of the double doors was added to prevent wide vehicles from entering. However, players can still fit a Dirtbike, a Volt Bike, or an ATV through the gap. Larger vehicles can also use Rocket Fuel to ramp over the fence.
    • Later on, a very small invisible wall was added to further prevent vehicles going inside the vault. The wall does not prevent bullets or rockets from entering the vault.
  • Lasers were colored orange during the fall season, light blue during the winter season and purple during the alien event. The lasers were colored red for the rest of Jailbreak's time.
    • Since the implementation of different Bank floors, lasers can now have different colors, depending on which floor appears.
  • At the beginning of Jailbreak's existence, the Bank had a glitch were the robbery would not start when players entered the Bank. The glitch was fixed quickly.
  • Presumably added during the Sewer Escape Update, a small orange face appears in the bottom left corner of the "B" on the letters spelling "Bank" on the bank building. It has since been identified as a "Scoobis," a popular Roblox meme.
  • Before the Sewer Escape Update, there used to be a glitch where players could enter the Bank through the trapdoor, which was removed after the Sewers Update. The procedures to make the glitch work:
    • To enter, crawl on it, then jump while spamming the punch button.
    • The trapdoor would open, leading to the room normally accessible using the metal door.
    • Go to the door and crawl again, players should be able climbing halfway up the door.
    • The prompt to place dynamite on the metal door should appear. Place the dynamite.
    • After the metal door explodes and opens, go upstairs and start the robbery. Then, go back downstairs and do the normal procedure of robbing the Bank.
  • When Jailbreak first came out, there were two big signs of the word "BANK", one on the front and one on the side.
    • In a later update, the side one was removed.
      • After the 2B Visits Update, the "BANK" was now above the main door. Another "BANK" was added to the backside of the bank.
  • Before the 2017 Winter Update, the metal door which can be blown up was not visible or operable.
  • Before the 1B Visits Update, the metal door which can be blown using dynamite was not operable.
  • During the 2017 Winter Update, the floor under the lasers was only ice and water. This was changed in the Rocket Fuel Update to a patterned floor and water.
    • During the 2017 Winter Update, there was a glitch that players could have collected cash in the water that was near the vault. This was later patched.
  • During the Weapons/Items Update, the bank sign was updated to no longer be solid, instead, this was changed to a decal on the bank.
  • The bank wall was changed in a miscellaneous update to metal to prevent bullets from ricocheting.
  • The bank lasers (Classic) were refreshed in a miscellaneous update shortly after the Weapons/Items update, adding a laser and spread out the lasers.
  • Even after the Metal Explosive Door has exploded, there is still a broken 'E' circle that supposedly allows you to blow up the dynamite again. It is unknown if this is intentional or not.
  • The dynamite textures were changed on the Fall Update of 2018.
  • During the volcano eruption, only the top of the bank sank (the basement and door remained during it). This was made to prevent players that were currently robbing the bank to glitch out. This also prevented players from entering the bank while the “extra floors” were sinking.
  • In the Mega Robbery update, the Bank had received a huge revamp. There is now music when you rob the Bank, and the 4 new floors were added in this update.
  • As of the Mega Robbery update, every time a player steps into a bank whilst it is being robbed, this music will start to play: (Death Chase A by ROBLOX).
  • As of 3/17/2019, there is now another floor similar to the Presidential Vault called The Mint, which is much easier to rob than the former and gives the same amount of money.
  • As of 9/1/2019, yet another bank floor was added to the game, similar to the Presidential Vault and Mint, called Floor: Blue, which is arguably even easier and gives the same amount of money as well.
  • It's possible to walk across the entire corridor in Floor: Blue without dying, in addition to successfully robbing it.
  • The bank is the only building that spawns 2 Easter eggs, the Financing: Underwater variant's hidden room and The Mint's hidden tunnel, though they cannot both spawn at once.
  • In an update, the Presidential Vault became a little easier to complete, due to complaints.
  • As a joke, Asimo3089 colored the Mint's walls "Mint Green".
  • After 1st September 2019, when Floor: Blue was released, each floor now gave $1000 more with the exception of the Presidential Vault, which gave $2000 more. Floor: Blue had the same reward as The Mint had now, $3500.
  • Previously, the Bank used to only give $33 at a time. That was changed later, giving $50 at a time.
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