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Seasonal Vehicle Notice

This vehicle is no longer obtainable in Jailbreak, as the Season it was in has ended. It is now exclusive content that can only be used by owners, and is restricted from purchase. Became unobtainable on: January 31, 2021.


The Beam Hybrid (commonly called the Beam, known in real-life as the BMW i8) is a now unobtainable hybrid supercar and seasonal vehicle in Jailbreak, released in the 2020 Winter Update. It can only be unlocked at Level 10 of Season 1, and does not require any cash to purchase (albeit having a price tag).

The Beam became unobtainable when Season 1 ended, meaning players had 45 days since the beginning of the season to grind levels for it. It is stated to be the rarest vehicle in the game by the developers, and is hardly ever seen because not many players own it.


In terms of overall performance, the Beam is pretty good. It features decent acceleration, handling and surprisingly good off-roading. However, the Beam Hybrid is slower than some supercars and all hypercars. It is, however, faster than all general vehicles and some other supercars.

However, the Beam Hybrid's performance stats are now only relevant to owners of it, as it has become unobtainable since the end of Season 1. Attempting to purchase it now will give a notification reading "Vehicle is retired", even if you have the necessary Cash Icon.png100,000 to buy it.

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Top Speed
Reverse speed
Top speed is fast, being slightly faster than the JB8, Monster Truck, and the Ray 9. Around the same speed as The Agent and the NASCAR. It's only slightly slower than the Surus. Which makes it tied for the 13th fastest vehicle overall. Above average reverse speed. It competes with the Delorean and Megalodon.
Launch speed is very fast, being on par with the La Matador and Stallion. It takes around 8 seconds to reach top speed on straight roads, which is comparable to the Megalodon.
Handling is rather smooth, getting around corners in most situations. It also has good grip. Off-roading is surprisingly good for a supercar, similar to the Eclaire. It can climb dunes with ease and get up rather steep terrain.
It takes less then a second to brake to a complete. It is tied with the Eclaire while losing to the Air Tail and Roadster.


Images of the Beam prior to release.

Other pictures of the Beam Hybrid.


  • This car is based on the BMW i8.
  • Although the vehicle has a value, after redeeming the car, the money the player has would not be affected.
  • During Season 1, if the redeem prompt wasn't clicked upon reaching Level 10, it was possible to actually buy the Beam. To do this, players would need to have the Beam's purchase prompt opened up, and when reaching Level 10, avoid the 'Redeem' button, and click 'Buy' on the Beam's purchase prompt. in order to buy it.
  • The car does not cost any cash. The price tag on it refers to its value if it costed cash. The car cannot be obtained without reaching Level 10 in Season 1.
    • Upon the release of the Season 2 update, the price tag was changed from Cash Icon.png500,000 to Cash Icon.png100,000.
  • The Beam technically takes the longest time to obtain. This is because players need to reach Level 10 to obtain the vehicle, and the only way to level up is by gaining XP by completing contracts, which refresh every 16 hours.
  • Its default license plate reads "SEASON 1", stating its obtainability was in Season 1.
  • This car also has a tag on the back reading "Rare Item".
    • This trait is shared with all other seasonal vehicles that came in seasons after Season 1 such as the Crew Capsule and the Rattler.
  • The notification when attempting to buy the Beam Hybrid after Season 1 ended is not the one that pops up when attempting to with past seasonal vehicles. Instead, it is the same as when players try to buy retired vehicles.
  • asimo3089 said that the Beam is currently the rarest car in the game in this tweet.
    • Lia's Spaceship is rarer than this vehicle. However, it's a player exclusive vehicle, so it doesn't count.
  • The first player known to own the Beam other than the developers is Jailbreak YouTuber HelloItsVG.
    • It was an account used to obtain the Beam extremely early. It has been banned.
    • He got the Beam very early because of a glitch that allowed you to do the same contract several times, making it possible to get the Beam in about 1-2 days.
  • A few days after January 31st, 2021, the spawn of the Beam Hybrid was still there in the Hypezone. However, it was still unobtainable, making it impossible to obtain despite it spawning. The spawn was removed in the February 2021 Update and was replaced with the Crew Capsule.

Miscellaneous Trivia

  • This is the first hybrid vehicle in Jailbreak, the Air Tail being the second.
  • It is the first and currently the only BMW car in Jailbreak.
  • Like the Challenger, the Beam Hybrid is designed to have four seats but only seats two. In real life, the BMW i8 has a seating capacity of four, but the seats in the back are hard to enter.
    • This is also a similar case to the Roadster however its in-game model doesnt have the backseats.
  • This car has somewhat larger rims than other cars.
    • This trait is shared with a few other cars like the Challenger and some of the super and hyper cars.
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