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The Bigger Duffel Bag is a gamepass that costs 300 Robux. When bought, it permanently increases your duffel bag capacity for each robbable location as a criminal, meaning that you can collect much more money for each successful heist.

It is recommended as the first game pass anyone should buy since earning more money means that the player can afford vehicles and other in-game items significantly faster.

Capacity Increases

Listed below is the difference in carrying capacity before and after buying the Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass:

  • Bank: $1,000 maximum per robbery to $3,000 maximum (3x as much money)
  • Train: $1,500 maximum per robbery to $4,000 maximum (2.67x as much money)
  • Museum: $4,000 maximum per robbery to $6,400 (1.6x as much money)


  • If you own both this and the VIP gamepass, the extra cash you can carry will have the 20% VIP bonus applied to it after you successfully complete the robbery. For example, you can get $4,800 from robbing the Train instead of $4,000 with just the Bigger Duffel Bag, which allows for major cash increase every time you successfully rob a location.
  • Combining these two passes means you will be able to earn money as a criminal in the most efficient way possible since there is no other gamepass that allows you to boost your earnings.
  • Most owners of this gamepass use it to "grind" or earn a large amount of money in a short amount of time, this tactic is normally used to save up for a vehicle.
  • The description of this gamepass is, "Want a bigger chunk of cash from bank robberies? Owning this enables you to collect up to 3,000 the cash when you successfully rob the Bank!"