The Binoculars are an item added in the 2/4/18 Update. The binoculars can be used by both teams in Jailbreak. This item magnifies your field of view. They can also be used to scope out enemies or even your own team. While speculated for a while, the binoculars were never confirmed until the week leading up to the 2/4/18 Update. It spawns in both police stations, at the top of the Radio Tower, and in the Military Base war room.

For quite a long time, the Binoculars had a "NEW" sign next to them in the Police Armories. This sign was removed in a later update.


  • The Binoculars are similar to the Flashlight, as they aren't used much and they both are an object to use if you just want entertainment. Both of them can be found at the Radio Tower.
  • You can see yourself through the Binoculars if you zoom out into third-person.
  • Before the Weapons and Items Update, The binoculars would automatically zoom in. Now, you have to click the screen while holding to zoom.
  • By using Binoculars, players can view the entire map from end to end (from a high altitude).



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