The BlackHawk (also known as the Military Helicopter, or the Army Helicopter) is an aerial vehicle in Jailbreak. The BlackHawk was added in the 1 Year Anniversary Update. This unique vehicle spawns on the roof of the 1M Dealership and has been speculated for a long time. This vehicle also comes equipped with three "landing gears," two in the front, and one in the back. These are for detail and do not really do anything, as the vehicle hovers slightly when on the ground. This has the highest seating capacity of 8(9 if including the rope), Monster Truck being the second highest seating capacity.


NOTE: See the page Missiles for more detailed information about the BlackHawk’s special self-defense weapon. Here's a summary:

The BlackHawk has special missiles that cost $5,000 in-game cash to shoot ten of them. If the missile directly hits the target, they will lose 50% health. Any shots that hit the surrounding areas of the target will make the target take less damage than a direct hit.

Advantages Disadvantages
Seats eight players (nine if you include the rope). Incredibly expensive.
Has a drop down rope that players can hang on to use items while hanging on. Missiles cost in-game cash to buy.
Better handling than the Helicopter. Its massive size can allow an easy target for cops to shoot it down.
The fastest aerial vehicle in the game (this includes the Helicopter and the UFO). Passengers on the side and on the rope are exposed to gunfire.
You don't have to hijack this vehicle because it doesn't spawn on police base helipads. Sometimes, it will take a long time to spawn.
The player on the rope won't lose health or be knocked off the rope if the player is hit by an object.
This is the only vehicle in the game that can fire missiles.
Players who hang on to the rope can not be arrested, unless the cop ejects them.
Flies higher than any aerial vehicle in the game. The only vehicle that can go higher is a vehicle using lots of Rocket Fuel.
Spawn is near Prison so it is an easy aerial vehicle after escaping the prison.
Fourth fastest vehicle in-game.
Great for roadblocks due to the huge size.
You can even kill players while in their vehicles with its' missiles.



  • This was the third aerial vehicle added to Jailbreak, with the UFO being the 2nd and the Helicopter the being 1st.
  • When first leaked by asimo3089, the BlackHawk had stripes on its body. When it made its debut, though, the stripes weren’t there.
  • Also when first leaked by asimo3089, this vehicle was called the Army/Military Helicopter, but it appears BlackHawk is the name of choice. Also, when you purchase this vehicle, a GUI will appear to confirm the purchase. The GUI calls this vehicle the BlackHawk, like all other vehicles when you buy them for the first time
  • This is the first vehicle to have a special ability, which was the ability to bring a rope down from the vehicle. Players could attach themselves to this rope and enter the BlackHawk without the vehicle itself lowering down. Ropes from a helicopter were a highly requested feature on Trello, since one of the Jailbreak thumbnails features prisoners using a rope to climb onto a Helicopter to escape Prison.
  • This is also the first vehicle to have a self-defense system. The BlackHawk comes with 8 free missiles that you can fire on sight by pressing 'F.' Every 10 missiles cost $5,000. Missiles were added in the 4/28/18 Update.
  • The missiles are loosely based off the AGM-114 Hellfire missile, however, the missiles in-game have a pointy tip and have a white color while the real-life counterpart has a blunt tip and a black color with yellow stripes.
  • The missile won't damage buildings or pop vehicles’ tires/shoot aerial vehicles down, but it does damage players.
  • The BlackHawk is the first aerial vehicle to have landing gear, but it just serves as decoration.
  • This is the first aerial vehicle in Jailbreak to use Roblox Studio's glass material for the cockpit window. The Helicopter's cockpit window is solid. The UFO's windows are transparent, but they aren't made of glass.
  • Ironically, despite the name, the BlackHawk doesn't spawn in a black color.
  • Like the SWAT Van, the Camaros that spawn at the Police Stations, the SUV, the Helicopter, and the UFO, this vehicle only spawns in a specific color.
  • As the name implies, the BlackHawk is largely based on the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk. However, it is not as detailed as it looks from the in-real-life version.
  • The BlackHawk holds the most passengers out of any vehicle in the game.
  • Unlike its similar counterpart the Helicopter, an unlimited amount of BlackHawk's can spawn into the map.
  • Missiles were not originally included on the BlackHawk.
  • The BlackHawk is known as a "clutch vehicle" by many people.
  • Before the Surprise/Bonus Update, this aerial vehicle was the only one to have a rope.
  • Leading up to the creation of the BlackHawk, there were cones & construction tape on the roof of the 1M Dealership.
  • At first, all passengers in the BlackHawk could take out items, but in the Weapons/Items Update, the passenger seat to the right of the driver seat lost its ability to take out items.
  • During the Fall Update exiting the BlackHawk in the passenger seat while holding an item would make players become invisible but the glitch has been patched on 10/3/18.
  • This vehicle is the only vehicle that spawns with a green body color.
  • The blades used to be solid but were changed to collide in a later update.
  • This is now the fourth fastest vehicle in the game.
  • This is one of the most used vehicles in the game.