Breaking people out of handcuffs (also known as a Breakout) is an action can be done by criminals and prisoners.

In order to break someone out of handcuffs, the player must be arrested by a cop. It is always best to help yourself first before helping others. When a player gets arrested, they have 10 seconds to be broken out of handcuffs before they respawn at the Prison. It is recommended to kill the cop before you attempt to break them out of handcuffs, but killing the cop gives you less time to save your fellow criminal. Once a player has been arrested twice, the player cannot be broken out and they will immediately spawn at the prison in their cell. When a criminal is attempting to break out another criminal, they'll have an "E" prompt pop up on their screen. After breaking someone out of handcuffs, the outbroken criminal will not have their items back.


The breakout feature was added along with the Gas Station 1, and Donut Store. Before the Official Release, everyone can break people out of handcuffs. Once the Official Release came out people started complaining about the broken "E" prompt bug. A broken "E" prompt is when the "E" prompt does not appear; this glitch has not been patched yet. Broken "E" prompts for breaking people out of handcuffs has been a very restricting problem in the past. People with broken "E" prompts were not able to break their teammates out of handcuffs, but someone with a functional E circle could. When a player is broken out of handcuffs they will lose their items and their bounty, but they don't go to Prison and have to escape again.

Strategies For Cops

If you successfully arrest a criminal, try to kill them so they can't be broken out of. If you kill the criminal who is arrested, it guarantees that the arrested player will go directly to prison in their cell. But don't get too distracted with killing him/her because criminals can easily kill you if you stand still and try to kill the arrested criminal. If you want to make more money, let the player break him out of handcuffs and arrest him/her again. Try to guard/camp the arrested player so other criminals cannot break him/her out unless they are willing to get arrested.

Advantages Disadvantages
Counts toward the Bonnie and Clyde achievement, which is required to get the MVP badge. You can get arrested trying to break someone out if a cop is guarding him/her.
Saves your teammates from going to prison. The player you broke out will still have no items, so they can't fight cops unless they punch the latter, which can likely be ineffective..
If you get broken out, you will not have to wait cell time as a punishment for getting arrested. You will have to wait a 15 second cooldown after each criminal you break out
It takes about 3-4 seconds to break someone out.
Criminal cannot be broken out a second time.


  • The Breakout feature was introduced in the August 6th, 2017 update.
  • Breaking people out of handcuffs sometimes has common broken "E" prompt glitches after the Official Release.
  • There is a notification that pops up when you get broken out of handcuffs.
  • The Bonnie and Clyde achievement is very hard to get due to the fact that you have to successfully break someone out of handcuffs and kill the cop that arrested him/her.
  • If you get arrested while in the process of breaking someone out of handcuffs, you will no longer be able to break them out.
  • You do not need to go behind someone's back in order to break them out. You just need to be in range of the arrested player.
  • A breakout rarely occurs in Jailbreak servers, simply due to the bugs and risk of doing so.