The Bugatti is a supercar added along with the Jewelry Store, and it is currently the 3rd fastest vehicle in Jailbreak. Like the Mini-Cooper, Camaro, and Helicopter, this vehicle received a model change in a later update. Though it's extremely fast, it proves hard to handle at high speeds. However, it has above average handling at low speeds making it a good all rounder vehicle. The Bugatti spawn is located at the Jewelry Store and is a great getaway vehicle after a robbery. Despite the fact that it is hard to handle, it is essential for any player to have if they have a need for speed.

Advantages Disadvantages
Very fast. The Volt Bike has a bit better acceleration and handling.
Good acceleration. Very expensive.
Spawns in a good location for a robbery escape or police chase. Pretty hard to handle at high speeds, especially at low frame rates.
Works best on ramps with Rocket Fuel. Not recommended on short, curvy roads.
The super fast speed allows criminals to get away from police. Sometimes glitchy.
Great ramping abilities. Bad handling.
Good off-roading with high suspension. Slower than the Torpedo and Volt Bike.
Low roof structure makes it hard to pop the tires.



  • The Bugatti is based on the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which was the fastest car in the world at one point.
  • The Bugatti is the fifth most expensive ground vehicle in the game, only losing to the Monster Truck, Volt Bike, Arachnid, and Torpedo. It is over-all the joint-second most expensive vehicle in the game.
  • The reverse for the Bugatti is completely silent.
  • Many people say the Torpedo is faster, and this is proven true as Torpedo was buffed.
  • Upon its first release, the Bugatti had black stripes from the front to the back, later the stripes were changed to semi-transparent, then they were removed.
  • The Bugatti picture was removed on the right side of the Starter Pack. Badimo replaced it with a Pickup Truck since a lot of people thought they get the Bugatti instead in the Starter Pack.
  • If you no-clip through the wall of the Jewelry Store while it is closed, you will be teleported to the Bugatti spawn.