The cells are a location in Jailbreak. They are found in the Prison inside the main building. If you enter the main building from the courtyard and follow the hallway to the end, you can take a flight of steps down. At the bottom is the cell block. Arrested criminals will spawn here after they switch to Prisoner for 20 seconds. You may notice arrows on the ground, which point towards the flight of steps. They're used for directing new players to where they should go. If you follow the arrows in the opposite direction, you'll encounter the Security Office, which holds a few guns, along with a small desk.



  • This location receives color changes in seasonal updates, with the theme depending on the season.
  • There are 32 cells in the cell block meaning there are 6 that are not used because only 26 players can join one server.
  • The cells along with the Sewers and the Bank vault/basement are the deepest/furthest down part of the Jailbreak map.
  • Sometimes the cells are closed when there isn't any prisoner waiting for his/her release after an arrest.
  • Prisoners used to spawn here during cell time, but now they either spawn in the telephone room or the yard during cell time.
  • During cell time, Police automatically spawn in the Security Office.
  • Occasionally, the cell door will be closed when you spawn into it. It usually takes a couple of seconds to open again.
  • Players are not randomly spawned into a cell, it is done in a specific order.