The Classic is a general vehicle in Jailbreak. It costs $50,000 in-game cash. It has good acceleration, medium speed, and good handling. It can be found at the museum on a platform. This is the only location where the Classic Car spawns. This vehicle is based off on an HRG from the 1930s, and it was added in the Museum update. Some players say that this car is extremely slow, but in a later update it got a buff and is now a little bit faster.

Advantages Disadvantages
Quite cheap. No roof, which makes it easier to be shot at.
Conveniently placed next to the Museum. One seat only, meaning you can't carry passengers on it.
Good Braking. Takes a while to get to max speed.
Good handling. Its slow speed can make it easier for cops to catch up with you.
Same off-roading style as the ATV. Spawns in only one location.
Can fit through alleys because it is thinner than the Model3. Slowest reverse speed in the game.
Faster than the Dirtbike in full speed, although Dirtbike accelerates way faster.



  • This is the second vehicle that was based on a vehicle in the 20th century, after the Mustang.
  • This vehicle is, according to asimo3089, based off an HRG, though many believe it’s actually a Bugatti Type 57 Roadster.
  • asimo3089 likes to call this vehicle the “Historical Vehicle”.
  • It has a wheel on its back which allows you to see the wheel rim you have equipped. In addition, if you add the Spare Tire Spoiler, it will have 2 spare wheels.
  • This vehicle takes a moderately long to get to its max speed.
  • This is the second vehicle to only fit 1 person and has the same seating capacity as the Volt Bike.
  • This is located on a podium, next to the museum.
  • This can be very helpful for players when they leave the Museum. It can act as a getaway vehicle, as a less expensive convertible.
  • The Classic Car spawns outside of the Museum, on a pedestal. This leaves it to actually be one of the art pieces in the Museum, that you can "steal" and drive away.
  • Before this vehicle was released, its pedestal was a tree.