This page is about the Tesla pickup truck. For the Tesla hypercar, see Roadster. For the Tesla sedan, see Model 3.


The Cybertruck (known in real-life as the Tesla Cybertruck) is an electric pickup truck in Jailbreak. It was initially confirmed to be coming in the future by a Twitter reply by Badimo, just before the 2019 Winter Update, and was added in the January 2020 Update.

The Cybertruck spawns at a charging station near the City Gun Shop in small parking lot behind the radio array and next to a building. It costs Cash Icon.png75,000 in-game cash to purchase. It can hold up to six players; four in the cab and two in the cargo bed, making it a good choice for those who play with many friends. It is the third Tesla-branded vehicle to be added to Jailbreak, with the other 2 being the Model 3 and Tesla Roadster. It is often viewed as a better alternative to the Pickup Truck, albeit being Cash Icon.png66,000 more expensive, as well as one of the essential vehicles for starters.

Just over a year after its release, the Cybertruck received a detailed interior, to keep in line with the movement for all vehicles in Jailbreak to have a detailed interior. The old black, solid windows were gone, and it was replaced with glass windows, seats, and a detailed dashboard. This is not a full remodel, like the Ferrari or UFO, but simply an addition to the current model, like the Roadster. The interior was added in the Dogs Update.


The Cybertruck is one of the best cars in terms of speed and off-roading ability. Its top speed is faster than many similar priced vehicles and can compete with the Megalodon. The acceleration is excellent, beating some supercars. The only disappointing aspect of its performance is the reverse speed; one of the worst in the game. The handling is good on straight and curved roads, but it is a bit hard to control when taking curves. Off-roading is one of the best in the game. The braking is among the best in the game, braking instantly just like the Model 3 and Roadster. The price-to-performance ratio is also very good, as it could outperform the old Ferrari in acceleration, off-roading, and brakes, while having similar launch speed and top speed.

However, the Ferrari's remodel has made it far better than before. Still, the Cybertruck is an excellent vehicle to purchase for only Cash Icon.png75,000 and its a massive bargain for the people who seek for high passenger space compared to the Monster Truck.

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Top speed
Reverse Speed
Outperforms the Model 3, many similar priced vehicles, and more expensive vehicles. It is also ever so slightly faster than the Monster Truck. However, it's still slower than the Challenger. Among the worst in the game; comparable to the Roadster and Model 3. It's also comparable to boats and planes, as well as the Volt.
The launch speed is powerful, but not the best. The closest competitor is the McLaren. The acceleration is fast. Due to being an electric vehicle, it's not a surprise that a truck can accelerate faster than some supercars. Once again, the closest competitor is the McLaren.
Similar to the Firetruck; easy to control on straight and curved roads. However, it has trouble around sharp corners due to its large size. Still, it manages to be easy to corner with while drifting. Great off-roading but not the best. The suspension is quite high and is stable when off-roading. The Monster Truck, Volt 4x4, and Volt Bike dominate the category.
Like all Teslas, the Cybertruck brakes almost instantly, being better in comparison to the majority of vehicles. It takes less than a second to brake from top speed.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
High seating capacity makes it a good squad vehicle, tied with the second-highest seating capacity in the game. Slightly expensive for new players.
Spawns at the City Gun Shop, making for a convienient escape if one's vehicle despawned or was stolen. Slow reverse speed.
Great off-roading due to its high suspension. Hard to handle in tight spaces because of its big size.
Fast top speed, being moderately faster than the Model 3. Sometimes bounces and flings out of the map, although this is rare.
Fairly cheap. Tires can be easily popped because of their large size.
Brakes quickly.
Has fast acceleration that is similar to the Stallion.
Its mostly silent motor makes it easy to drive stealthily and undetected.


HD, Interior

The Cybertruck after the February 2021 Update and as of now.


The Cybertruck after the Atmosphere Update of May 17th, 2020 and before an interior addition.


The Cybertruck on release.




The thumbnails for the Cybertruck.


The GUI for the Cybertruck.


  • This is based on the 2019 Tesla Cybertruck.
  • Shortly after the unveiling of the real Cybertruck, the Jailbreak community began massively requesting the vehicle be added into the game. About a month later, the popular suggestion became a reality.
  • This vehicle was first confirmed to be coming to Jailbreak a month before the January update and its leaks, in a Twitter reply by Badimo. It states "Soon!" in response to a fan that requested the Cybertruck.
  • The first Twitter reveal for this vehicle was deleted shortly after it was posted. This was due to cropping problems, as explained in a separate tweet by asimo3089.
  • The default license plate of the Cybertruck says "MUSKY", which is a direct reference to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, Inc.
    • The Cybertruck is one of many vehicles with a stock license plate that differs from the default "ABC DEF" plate. These vehicles include, but are not limited to, the Challenger, Deja, and Boxer.
  • The Cybertruck is the fifth truck to be added into the game, after the Raptor, the Firetruck, the Monster Truck, and the Pickup.
    • It is also the only truck so far to have an interior.
  • The Cybertruck is the third Tesla to be added into the game, after the Roadster and the Model3.
  • This has the second-highest seating capacity vehicle in the game, tied with the Monster Truck and the Raptor, and behind the BlackHawk.
  • The Cybertruck will sometimes start spinning after colliding with objects at high speed. Unlike the Roadster and the Model 3, this tends to settle down after a short time and rarely flings out of the map.
    • Coincidentally, all Teslas tend to start spinning after colliding with objects at high speed.
  • When the update was released, the game description stated that the Cybertruck cost Cash Icon.png80,000. However, the actual price of the vehicle is Cash Icon.png75,000.
  • The Cybertruck spawns with a blue headlights color by default. This trait is unique to this vehicle.
  • The police sirens used to be hidden inside the vehicle. This allowed police officers to appear undercover.
  • Unlike the Model 3 and Roadster, this is the only Tesla vehicle to not to spawn at a charging station. Instead, it spawns near the City Gun Shop.
  • The Cybertruck used to get stuck when spawning at Garage 2, but it was fixed by removing the invisible wall in the garage.
  • The Cybertruck can seat six people in Jailbreak (4 in the cab, 2 at the back), but the real-life model can seat six people in the interior.
  • Its wheels are positioned so they stick out of the body, unlike most vehicles.
  • This was the first vehicle to be added to Jailbreak in 2020.
    • It was the last non-interior vehicle to be added to Jailbreak.
  • Even though it runs on electric motors, which are capable of rotating backwards in the same speed as forwards, the Cybertruck has a bad reverse speed. This trait is shared with the Model 3, Volt, and the Roadster.
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