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The "What did you do that for?" death quote.

Death in Jailbreak is a rather common term found when health points (HP or health) belonging to a specific player runs out. When a player dies they will lose all of their items.

Criminals will respawn at a criminal base with nothing.

Police will spawn in Police Station 1 or 2, in the Prison Parking lot, or in the Security Office depending on the schedule with a pistol, handcuffs, and a taser.

Prisoners will respawn with nothing in the yard, cafeteria, or the Phone room, depending on the schedule, or in their cell (if they reset as a prisoner or criminal, or if they arrest/shoot too many innocent prisoners as a cop).


When players lose health, the health bar will become visible with a green color and then pale green. When the health bar is halfway from being killed, it will be colored yellow and then orange. If a player is very close to death, the bar will be colored red.

If a player loses all their health points, (or classified as the bar turning completely white) the player’s avatar will perform the classic Roblox death animation of breaking into pieces (including the ‘OOF' sound.)

However, Jailbreak has a different death system to Roblox so if your health bar is very close to 0 the death screen will still play and you'll still get respawned at the base(s).

The lower your health, the slower you are, making it easier for cops to arrest you. Cops use this feature to their advantage frequently.

Health will regenerate slightly after the player stops losing health. Health can regenerate faster by eating a donut. A donut will grant the player 20 health. Health can also regenerate faster by sitting at the stretcher of an Ambulance, which will heal the player 10 health per second.


Quotes are seen after the player dies. These show a message in red text, normally saying something humiliating or funny to the player after death.

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"You lived a good life..."



"You died.."


"Who writes these messages..."

"Did you see that?"



"What did you do that for?"


"That was silly"

"Better luck next time..."

"Try harder next time."

"You gave it your all."

"Did you get that on camera?"

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Causes Of Death

Listed below are all the possible methods of dying in Jailbreak and their effects:

  • Resetting. This will make you a prisoner if you were a criminal. This gives your bounty to the nearest cop. And give you 20 seconds of cell time. If you do this as a cop, you respawn.
  • Jumping on the electric fences at the Prison, Jewelry Store, and/or City Criminal Base. Jumping on the fence was commonly used to teleport to the City Criminal Base after a prisoner escapes prison before the Weapons/Items Update. Afterward, the technique teleported criminals to their cell if they kill themselves by jumping on the prison electrical fence. This did not affect the fences in the City Criminal Base and on top of the Jewelry Store.
  • Being damaged enough by the Jewelry Store searchlights.
  • Being damaged enough by Museum searchlights.
  • Being shot or blown up by a player on the opposing team. Grenades and Missiles can friendly fire.
  • Getting punched to death.
  • Standing in front of the Train and getting hit by it.
  • Taking enough fall damage. Usually achieved by being flung in the air,
  • Falling under the map. (Usually achieved by glitchy vehicles or exploiting).
  • Touching enough lasers to kill you in the Bank or Jewelry Store.
  • Getting struck by lightning. This is a rare occurrence and only happens when you stay still for too long in an open area during thunderstorm.
  • Being flung off the map, either due to lag or vehicle ramming.
  • Arresting or shooting too many innocent prisoners. You will die and become a prisoner, then wait in your cell for 20 seconds. To encounter this, switch the team back to Police, and you should able to be a Police again. But, you'll still going to be in the cell as a Police Officer for 20 seconds.