The Delorean (known in real-life as the DeLorean DMC-12) is a vehicle in Jailbreak which came out in the Winter 2020 Update. It is found in the Power Plant parking lot, replacing the Challenger's spawn point. The car costs Cash Icon.png175,000. It can glide over water, making it the first vehicle in Jailbreak that can do so that is a land vehicle. However, if you dive into the water at a certain angle, then you can manage to go underwater.

It was a highly requested vehicle by the community before its reveal, with one user, known as HAPPYHONGO, going as far as to make a Twitter account to get the developers to add it into the game. Eventually, it was added alongside the Cash Truck and Season 1: New Beginnings.

The Delorean has opening doors, and, like many other sports cars and supercars, 2 seats. It also has a detailed interior to keep in line with the movement to give all Jailbreak vehicles an interior. It makes a good last-resort getaway from the Power Plant, due to its close spawn, all-around good stats, and its ability to hover over water if needed.


In terms of overall performance, the Delorean is fairly good all-around. It features good launch speed, comparable to the Model 3. Its top speed beats out most sports cars and general cars, but it is no match for hypercars. Although it is not as quick as most supercars, the Delorean has the ability to drive over water, unlike any other vehicle in the game; if the player gets out of the vehicle while it is on water, it will sink to the bottom. It has great off-roading, being able to climb some obstacles with relative ease, beating out lots of mid-tier vehicles and comparable to the Torpedo and M12 Molten, and can handle very well.

Overall, the Delorean is an all-around great performer, but is less price-efficient than some vehicles such as the Model 3. The hovering ability makes the car a little more worth the price, allowing players to make shortcuts that other land vehicles are unable to make. However, given the current map layout of Jailbreak, the Delorean's ability to hover over water does not give it much of an advantage as most bodies of water have sandy parts on the edges, which allows most vehicles in water to climb onto land, and the map does not have many opportunities to use shortcuts through water. It is a good getaway vehicle and backup vehicle because of its ability to glide, however.

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Top Speed
Reverse Speed
Faster than the majority of vehicles in Jailbreak. It is slightly faster than the Cybertruck, but slightly slower than the Megalodon. It beats many vehicles in reverse including the Volt, all Teslas, the Classic, the planes, and all water vehicles. Overall, it's faster than half of all vehicles. Its closest competitors are the Megalodon and Beam Hybrid.
Very good launch speed. It launches slightly faster than the Mighty, and slightly slower than the Model 3. Comparable to the Challenger. Quite average acceleration to top speed. It outperforms the Challenger, but is bested by the Model 3, Cybertruck, and the Lamborghini. It takes about 10 seconds to reach top speed.
It has nimble handling, allowing it to be controlled easily at any speed. Its handling is among the best in the game, comparable to the SWAT Van and the Ray. Handling is decreased a bit when it is raining or snowing, as with other land vehicles. It can beat supercars and hypercars when off-roading because of its fairly high suspension. Comparable to the Torpedo and M12 Molten.
Brakes are quite good, which is comparable to the Stallion, Little Bird, Black Hawk, and Drone. It stops in about 2-3 seconds.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It is found near the Power Plant, helping in getaways. Very average in terms of performance for its price, excluding the ability to drive over water.
It can glide over water, meaning it can easily cross over lakes and rivers without getting stuck inside them. Cannot hover on water if the height of impact is too high.
Very good off-roading with high suspension settings. Quite expensive for newer Jailbreak players.
Has a good top speed for its price. Slower than some cheaper vehicles like the Challenger, Lamborghini, and Surus despite being more expensive.
Very nimble handling.
Has good brakes.






  • The Delorean is based on the DMC-12 DeLorean, famous for its appearance as the time machine in the Back to the Future trilogy.
  • The Twitter user known as @JBDelorean got the attention of the developers to add the DeLorean into the game.
    • The car plate reads "HONGO" which is a reference to the Roblox user, HAPPYHONGO, who runs the JBDelorean Twitter account.
      • The Delorean is one of many vehicles with a stock license plate that differs from the default "ABC DEF" plate. These vehicles include, but are not limited to, the Deja, Cybertruck, and Air Tail.
    • HAPPYHONGO is not the only user who made a Twitter account devoted to the Delorean's addition, many other people did the same thing and made twitter accounts like this one.
  • This is the third vehicle to have doors that can open, after the Blade and Drone.
    • It is the first and only vehicle in Jailbreak with gullwing doors.
    • It is also the first land vehicle to have doors that can be opened.
  • This is the third vehicle to spawn at the Power Plant's parking lot, after the Camaro and Challenger.
  • On the teaser, the Delorean appeared to be equipped with a new invisible rim, which was later confirmed to be called the Void rims, a Season Pass exclusive rim that can be obtained when reaching Level 9 in Season 1: New Beginnings.
  • This is the ninth vehicle to have an interior.
  • Contrary to what many people thought, the Delorean is not able to hover, instead it drives over the water, similar to how it drives on the road. However, driving on water slows down the car, similar to other land vehicles when driving inside the water.
  • This is one of the last vehicles that were added to Jailbreak in 2020, along with the Beam Hybrid and the Cash Truck.
  • If a player spawns a DeLorean in midair over water, the driver leaves the driver seat while driving on water, or if the DeLorean is driven off a steep cliff, it will sink to the ocean floor instead of hovering on the water. Players must drive off a smooth incline into the water for the DeLorean to drive on its surface.
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