The Dirtbike is a motorbike made for off-roading, and is arguably the second most versatile vehicle in the game, following the ATV due to its fast acceleration, turning and small form factor. Although it is glitchy at times, this vehicle will probably be worth your while. However, the Dirtbike is definitely not the fastest vehicle. Many people prefer the ATV on account of its higher speed with a Level 5 engine, and rich players prefer the Volt Bike for obvious reasons. The Dirtbike currently has very slow speed, great acceleration, and fantastic handling.

This vehicle has 2 spawn locations, both near the sand dunes/desert.

Advantages Disadvantages
Excellent acceleration. Can sometimes glitch into the ground.
Really shines when driving on rough terrain (off-road). Requires precision to handle due to the fast turning speed.
Can seat two people, with the passenger being able to use weapons while riding. Driver and passenger are vulnerable to enemy fire since it is an open vehicle.
Not very expensive. Although its acceleration is way faster than the Camaro's it is slower than the Camaro in top speed after 4 to 9 seconds without any engine upgrade.
Good handling. Cannot fly with Rocket Fuel.
Reverse and forward speed are connected to each other. Bounces high up in the air sometimes.
Has two spawn locations.



  • When first released, the Dirtbike paired with a Level 5 engine was the fastest vehicle in the game, but was quickly nerfed.
  • You cannot put textures on the Dirtbike, unless you already have one on your vehicle.
  • This is the first bike introduced to Jailbreak.
  • You cannot fly in the Dirtbike with Rocket Fuel, much like the Dune Buggy.
  • This vehicle can drive over a Lamborghini if it has high suspension and good speed.
  • This vehicle’s engine sounds are the same as the Dune Buggy.
  • Due to the thinness of this vehicle, you can drive it into the bank along with the Volt Bike and ATV.
  • Before the 2017 Winter Update, the Dirtbike only seated one person.