When you go inside the Donut Shop, it will give you a pink colored donut. The Donut can be eaten; doing so will remove it from your inventory.

As of the 4/28/18 Update, donuts now heal you for 20 health, however, you only can eat one donut. It is always recommended to have a donut for emergency situations; such as robbing a location on low HP ( e.x museum, bank, etc) or having low HP in a weapon battle. However, spam clicking a donut can heal you completely.

The Donut used to have different colors once you equip and unequip them. This all changed in the "Weapon/Item Update" when the only color you can get is pink.


  • When equipped, the donut would give a random color from the 16 available donut colors. There is only one color now as of the Weapons/Items Update.
  • When eaten, donuts give you about 20 health; and can now disappear from your inventory after one bite.
  • It is possible to get a donut from pickpocketing a police officer.
  • You can only get 1 donut, but once you eat it if you're in the Donut Shop, you will automatically get another one.
  • When you go to rob the Donut Shop, you can't choose if you want a donut or not.
  • As of 8/14/18, the only donut color you can get is pink.
  • There was a glitch if that you ate it you would get the same amount of rockets you had last as you joined the game.
  • This is the only item that heals you.
  • Before the 4/28/2018 Update, it would stay in your inventory until you die and you could eat it unlimited times. But it wouldn't heal you.
  • There is a glitch where you spam click the donut it will heal you completely.
  • Donuts heal cops more than criminals. This was revealed on Twitter in April 2018.