The Donut Shop is found in the Town. It is accessible by driving left from the Prison into the tunnel. It's next to the town's gas station and has a large pink Donut on top of it. Going inside the shop will give you a Donut. Inside there are cases of donuts. It also has a small drive-thru. There is a desk inside, and behind the desk stands the Programmer of Jailbreak, also known as badcc.

Amount of escape routes: 2 (the front door and the drive-thru window).

Robbing Procedure

To rob the Donut Shop, you must first go to the desk with the register on it. Then, proceed to hold E. When the process is complete, you may receive cash ($750, $900 with the VIP Gamepass). You get $1500 with the Upgraded Duffel Bag and $1800 with VIP & duffel bag. In the 1 Year update it was nerfed for a day and players got only $250 With or without the duffel bag, however this was fixed/ changed as no one can say that this was a glitch. Cops are notified as soon as you start to rob the Donut Shop, so you'll have to be very quick robbing and getting out of the Donut Shop before a cop arrives. If you get arrested after completing the robbery, you still will get your money.

Cash Amounts

If you rob the Donut Shop, you will earn:

$750 (Default)

$900 (VIP)

$1500 (Bigger Duffel Bag)

$1800 (Bigger Duffel Bag and VIP Gamepass)



  • The Donut Shop was added during the June 17th Update, which was also the release of the Dune Buggy. It wasn't until August 6th when you can rob it.
  • In the Alien Update, the badcc NPC has two heads. The second head is named ccdab.
  • Before this and the Shooting Range existed the area in which these two locations were located consisted of nothing but a black rock.
  • When it first came out, it did nothing except give you a donut.
  • If you look closely at the donut on top of the roof, you can see it has eyes.
  • The color of the donut on top of the roof changes color seasonally.
  • When the Donut Shop was added, there were no eyes on top of the "big" donut, but in a later update, eyes were added.
  • The Donut on top of the donut shop turned blue, as well as having only one eye during the Alien Update.
  • The drive-thru the Donut Shop is purely cosmetic and you cannot purchase items/food from there.
  • The Donut Shop was a highly requested location.
  • In the 2018 Winter Update, the donut shop NPC "badcc" received a name change to "Badcc." So was the same for asimo3089's NPC at the Gas Station
  • Prior to The Mega Robbery update, the cash amounts that the Donut Shop gave to players are:$250 (default), $300 (VIP) $500 (Bigger Duffel Bag), $600 (Bigger Duffel Bag and VIP Gamepass). However as of February 17 2019 New Robberies update, these amounts have been tripled.