door is a moving mechanism used to block off or allow access to an entrance to or within an enclosed area.

Most doors are locked and need to be opened with a keycard. Keycards can be obtained by pick-pocketing from a cop or killing a cop. Doors can be opened if a Police officer or player with a Keycard touches the door. The door will open, the red light on the door will turn green, and after about two seconds, the door will close again and the light will turn red. Some doors are not locked, and these doors have no light. Examples of those types of doors are the double doors at the Bank (if the Bank is closed the door cannot be opened, even with a Keycard), the three doors on the roof of the Jewelry Store (can only be opened from inside), and the doors of the Gas Station 1 and Donut Shop.

Some doors are just for decoration; they don't open and just teleport you somewhere else. Examples include any doors leading to an Apartment, and the double doors at the Jewelry Store (they don't open and are just used for decoration, they also don't have lights).


A Gate is similar in mechanism to the door. Some gates open when a player gets near one, like the ones that allow access to the Yard, and the gate at the City Criminal Base. Some you need a vehicle to get near it to open, like the gates in the Prison parking lot. Some need a keycard, like the gates at the Prison parking lot. Lastly, some can be controlled with a button, also like the gates at the Prison parking lot. Sometimes the doors and gates are shut and no one can pass through the doors/gates, even though they have a keycard. This is a Roblox-related issue, and is currently in the progress of being patched.



  • Before the 6/28/18 update there used to be a glitch where you could no-clip (phase) through some of the doors.
  • You cannot interact with gate near the museum security building.
  • When Jailbreak came out, there used to be a pillar separating both doors in a two-door doorway. This was removed later on due to many players complaining about how it blocked the way sometimes.
  • Originally, the cell room gate was either closed or opened to try to follow the schedule. This was removed due to prisoners not being able to escape jail.
  • There is a button on top of Police Station 1 designed to open the gate leading to the Prison parking lot.