The message that is broadcasted to the server when a player gets the soccer ball into the goal.

This is one of the two events from Jailbreak. The first being the Ready Player One Event and, the second being the 7/6/18 mini event.

This event can be very difficult for some players because sometimes you can't move the huge soccer ball. It is reccomended you use a big powerful vehicle such as the BlackHawk. The prize for this event is the Dual Flag spoiler for your vehicle.


To complete this event, you need to get the big soccer ball near the Prison next to the big soccer goal next to the Museum. Here is are some methods:

Method 1

  1. Escape prison and get a vehicle. Alternatively, you can join as a cop and use the helicopter if it's available.
  2. Go to the huge soccer ball in front of or near the prison.
  3. Start pushing it until you hit the bridge near the Gas Station 1. Here we encounter 1/3 of the harder parts. You have to get it on the bridge, don't get it in the river or you will not be able to get it out.
  4. After you got it to the other side of the bridge, push the ball until the tree at the end of the straight road. Here, we encounter 2/3 of the harder parts. You must not drop it on the large valley, you need to get it across the bridge again. Try to get some people to help "protect" the ball by blocking cliffs and low terrain where it can fall easily.
  5. As soon as you cross the bridge we encounter the hardest part, getting it to the Museum. It's recommended to have any type of aerial vehicle (Blackhawk, UFO, Helicopter).
  6. After you got it to the top the only thing you need to do is to push it to the soccer goal next to the Museum. Then you would get the flag spoiler, the ball would go back to the spawn, and everybody in the server would receive it. One mistake and the Soccer Ball will fall off the mountain and you will have to repeat step 6 again. Once the ball is in the goal, this message will appear:
The soccer ball went into the goal! Everyone is awarded "Dual Flags" spoiler.”

(Warning! Difficult and not recommended)

Method 2

If you do not want to use Method 1 because of the valley, here is another method:

  1. Escape prison and get a Helicopter or the BlackHawk (if you have it).
  1. Push the soccer ball on to the main bridge to the city.
  2. Keep going past the Police Station in the city, keep on the left of the ball, there will be a natural "bridge" so the ball doesn't fall off.
  3. Since this is not the route to the Museum, you must push it to the right to the road leading to the goal.
  4. Push it along the road to the museum making sure your vehicle is on the right of the ball, and when you're almost at the museum, shove the ball up left.


  • Almost everybody in this server would receive the Dual Flags spoiler when the soccer ball enters the goal as sometimes some will not be rewarded.
  • The ball would respawn at the front of the Prison after it hit the goal.
  • It's easier to do it when you have at least two other players, not including yourself.
  • A VIP Server is recommended for this event, as some people might purposely try to mess you up.
  • VIP Servers and/or small servers come in handy when you try to push the ball without the ball lagging a lot.
  • asimo3089 stated that this event would be forever implemented into the game, but he'd change the prize now and then.
  • Sometimes the Dual Flag spoiler isn't given to every player in the server. The main cause for this is because of lag that may be in the server.