This gamepass has been currently discontinued as of 9/30/18 and officially removed on 10/2/18. Bed Drawers are now usable by everyone.
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The description of the gamepass. (9/30/18)


The Extra Storage gamepass was a gamepass in Jailbreak that costed 50 Robux, which was relatively cheap, and the cheapest gamepass in the game. It allowed you to store any item in your cell in two gamepass-required drawers under your cell in the prison. Normally, you can only store one item. This was used for storing items you may/may not have needed later in your play session. The items that you store would not carry over from server to server, but they did remain when the player switched teams or died afterwards. If you stored something in a drawer then it would have been best that you took it out at some point during your play session, seeing as you may have forgotten it, or had another fellow prisoner come along and steal it from under your bed.

Before the Sewer Escape update, you could have put items in someone else's drawer without the Extra Storage Gamepass. This was later changed so you could only put items in your cell. Also in the sewer escape update was “E” circles were added to the drawers replacing manually clicking on the drawers.

This gamepass has been retired on 9/30/18 as stated in a tweet by @Badimo.


Overall, there have been mixed thoughts on this gamepass. Some thought it was a waste, others thought that this gamepass was useful. All and all, it has been shown that this gamepass can go either of those ways. If you were a strategic and relatively smart Jailbreak player, this gamepass might have been for you.

If you just wanted to escape the prison and quickly start earning cash, you might have wanted to refrain from buying this gamepass, as it really won't be of any use to you. Go for the bigger duffel bag gamepass instead, as it will serve you & your purpose better.

Lots of use for this gamepass has been eliminated since a handful of bugs with this gamepass have been patched.


The Extra Storage Gamepass has been removed from Jailbreak on the 2018 Fall Update due to the gamepass being useless and not benefiting players in-game other than giving them 2 extra storage spaces inside their cell. Anybody who owned this gamepass received a tire spoiler (attachment), $10,000 in-game cash, and 50 rocket fuel.


  • Originally, when you bought this gamepass, you gained 2 extra slots in your cell.
  • Many players disliked this gamepass.
  • You can store any items or weapons in the slots.
  • If you were a police officer and try to store items in the slots, it will not work, unless it's your cell.
  • This feature was here since the start of Jailbreak.
  • At first, its role was not confirmed by the description. This caused a lot of controversy until its description was fixed.
  • Before the Sewer Escape Update, this gamepass was a waste since you can easily plop any weapon in any other cell (now you can only place in your own cell).
  • This was the cheapest gamepass in Jailbreak.
  • This is the first and only gamepass to be removed in the game. It was removed on 10/2/18.