NOTE: Some features may not work 100% in the game, and still have bugs, especially breaking someone out of handcuffs.

The following below contains features in Jailbreak:

Name Description
Ejection A feature cops and drivers have. It is done by equipping handcuffs, then pressing E on a vehicle seat that a criminal/prisoner is in. This allows criminals and hostile prisoners to be ejected from a car, even an aerial vehicle. When one criminal/prisoner is ejected, all other criminals/prisoners are ejected as well. Another way to eject is to enter a vehicle and there should be names in the bottom right corner. Click the player you want to eject and they should be ejected.
Arrest A feature that allows police to send criminals back to Prison.
Player Abilities & Features The player has many abilities and features. Like punching Police to sprinting away from them. Crawling under a table or taking fall damage after jumping off the Jewelry Store.
Bed Drawer To use this, go to your prison cell and go near your bed. You will then find some drawers which you can use for the storage of your items and weapons. Just equip the desired item and hold E (press on mobile, Y on console) on a drawer.
Parachute Activated by jumping out a helicopter or off the jewelry store. Can equip weapons in this mode. Falling speed decreased by around 70%. Used in jewelry robbery to get off the roof.
Daily Missions Every 24 hours, you gain a mission for both Criminals and Police teams. The missions vary from hard to easy. You gain money by completing these missions. After 24 hours, the mission will change regardless of progress.
VIP Server A private server that a player can purchase for R$ 200 (Robux) a month. VIP Server will expire and be inaccessible if the payment cancelled by the player. Robux is automatically removed from the player’s account when payment is due.
Bounties When a criminal or prisoner has down an unlawful act, like kill a cop or rob a location, they receive the bounty. Bounty is the amount of additional cash a cop receives after a successful arrest. If a person gets the bounty, their name will appear on the Top Criminals Board board along with how much bounty that person has. When they get arrested, the cop that arrested them will receive their bounty and the additional $200 ($240 if the cop owns the VIP Gamepass).
Vehicle Stereo Gamepass Accessible while in a vehicle or in an apartment. Need a gamepass to use. You can put in any Roblox Audio ID to play audio.
Tire Popping Activates when you shoot the tire of a car. When the Tires are popped, the car cannot accelerate until the tires regenerate. But you can hop out of your vehicle and re-enter TWO times in order to drive again if you want it to regenerate your tires faster.
Shooting Down Aerial Vehicles Activates when shots are fired at an aerial vehicle, will lower the aerial vehicle temporarily. But you can hop out of the vehicle and back in to fly again if you want it to fly up faster.
Bribing/Cash Donating To use this go to the Money GUI and look below. You will have an option to drop money which can be used for all sorts of things like cop bribing, donating to the poor, luring criminals (if you're a cop), etc. The minimum amount you can drop is $250 and the maximum amount you can drop is $10,000.
Paycheck Every day at 5:00 AM, Criminals and Police receive a paycheck. Police receive a paycheck of $500, and criminals receive a paycheck of $50 or more, depending on their bounty. It is usually $50 + (bounty)÷2.
Rocket Fuel Allows you to use a turbo booster, which you can drive up a ramp and fly until you stop holding down the key, or just move faster. Press Q to activate. To buy more rocket fuel, go to Gas Station 1 or Gas Station 2. Alternatively, if you have the Mobile Garage gamepass, you can click the Rocket Fuel bar on the right side of the screen, and purchase more there.
Mini Map For you to find and use this look at the bottom-left hand corner of your screen. You will see where you are located at and how many Police, Prisoners, and Criminals there are. Most useful when you are lost in the giant world of Jailbreak.
Vehicle Lock

This feature applies to vehicles only. It is used to prevent players from entering your vehicle. However, the vehicle unlocks when you attempt to enter another one, even if you have not bought it or the owner has locked it.

Glider The glider is currently the newest item on Jailbreak. The glider can be found at the Glider Store in the center. The glider can be opened by holding the glider on hand and clicking once you fall. Once the glider has activated, it will disappear from your inventory and you will have to get a new glider. Sometimes, glitches and doesn't work.
Breakout "Helps break out your fellow criminals with this feature".
Removed Features/Items/Locations These features/items/locations are removed and may never come back.
Notifications Notifications notify you about a large variety of things, ranging from telling you when robberies open up, to when you receive a safe from another player.
Drifting Drifting is used to swerve around objects in vehicles. It is enabled by tapping or holding shift while in a vehicle.
Confetti Gun The confetti gun is located in apartments and when clicked, confetti will fall into the apartment.
Headlights Press "L" to enable headlights. If sirens are on, they will flash blue and red. By default, they are yellow. You can change your headlights' colors via customization in the Garage.
Sirens Sirens appear on vehicles when a police officer enters the driver seat or an Ambulance for any team. Pressing "F" will enable it.
Controls Controls are keys that are used inside the game. Such as "W,A,S,D", "E", etc.
Minigun Cooldown If the Minigun on top of either the Wraith or the SWAT Van is shot for a long time, the gun will eventually enter a cooldown, preventing you from shooting for a set amount of time.
Reloading Reload your gun when you run out of rounds by pressing "R" or left clicking.