The Fire Station is a rather minor location in Jailbreak, since it has no use. It's between the Ferrari spawn and the Gas Station 1. This location is primarily for detail, but also has a room you can crawl into and presumably use to hide from Police. It can be a very good hiding spot in some cases.


The Fire Station is a location that was added in to make the map appear more full. You can access this location by simply crawling under the middle door of the station, and then hiding behind a wall. It is unsure whether or not this was intentional, but this is a feature that came with this location.


The interior of the Fire Station.

It is not clear whether or not this location will hold a vehicle any time soon, but it has been speculated that indeed will, as the developers (also known as Badimo) have said they could see Fire Trucks entering the game.


  • A vehicle that is short in height and has a lowered suspension can get inside of the fire station. However, there is no real benefit to doing this, as you do have to reverse the vehicle to get back out.
  • There is a smaller building on the other side of the fire station parking lot, but there is no way to enter it.
  • This location was added on August 13th, 2017 in the Official Release.
  • Players thought a firetruck was going to be added here during the 2B Visits Update, but this was later proven false.
  • This occasionally sometimes make a good hiding place for Criminals, as there's no real reason for Police to come here.