The Flashlight is an item found at the Police Station 1 and Police Station 2 on the armory wall. It can also be found by the radio tower near the ladder. It emits a fairly bright light and is relatively not very helpful unless in a very dark space. To use it, left click it while it is in your inventory and left click again to turn it off. It can be used by any team. This item has received criticism for hardly being useful to most people, seeing as Jailbreak nights are not dark enough to make this tool effective.


The community has a superbly negative opinion on the flashlight and tends to question why it's even in the game. Jailbreak had a darker lighting setting back in its Beta stage, but the creators made the lighting lot brighter in a later update. Some people think Badimo created this item for a realistic effect and to fill the shelves of the Police Station. It has proven that it has some use, however, as players with low brightness may use this during the night.


  • The flashlight used to have its own separate display next to the armory when it first released, but has since merged with the other items.
  • The flashlight is known as one of the most useless items in the game by many players, along with the Binoculars.
  • By the radio tower, the flashlight can be found at the bottom of the ladder.
  • As of the Wings/Spoilers Customization update, the Flashlight got a lighting buff which has made it much brighter.