Jailbreak currently has seven available gamepasses available from the Jailbreak's store, which is accessible from the game's page by clicking on the "Store" section. It can also be purchased in-game; such as when robbing, you can buy the Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass; and you can click the Mobile Garage GUI to buy the Mobile Garage Gamepass.

NOTE: Text in a gamepass description that is in normal and bold text and is in parentheses is not in the actual gamepass description, but is rather a side note about the gamepass.

Name Description Price
Extra Storage This pass originally offered extra storage space in your jail cell to store items. We're retiring this Gamepass soon.

Current owners of the gamepass will receive some in-game cash, rocket fuel, and a unique vehicle item. If this sounds interesting to you, you can get the pass now to be part of this! Thank you!

(This gamepass is retired as of September 30, 2018 and offsale as of October 2, 2018).

R$50, now offsale
SWAT It's time to dominate! Crack down on criminals with this extra gear. Unlocks new clothing, an even better machine gun, black pistols, and a riot shield. You even get a sick SWAT Van (with minigun!), exclusive to SWAT members. Riot shield blocks 60% of bullet damage! R$300
Vehicle Stereo Ready to turn up some jams? This pass enables you to use any sound in the Roblox Catalog while driving. You'll be heard by other players while you drive around.You also can use this in your Apartment. R$250
Bigger Duffel Bag Want a bigger chunk of cash from bank robberies? Owning this enables you to collect up to 3,000 the cash when you successfully rob the Bank!

(In the Jewelry Store, you can collect up to $5,000 with this gamepass. With the Gas Station and Donut Shop, you get $500 with this gamepass. With the Train, you can get up to $4,000 with this gamepass. With the Museum, you can get up to $6,400 with this gamepass).

VIP Stand out from the crowd! Players with this gamepass will receive...

+A tier #2 safe every -real-life- day!

+$1,000 cash every -real-life- day!

+20% more Cash whenever you earn cash!

+Unique chat color so players know who you are!

+Chrome color option in the garage for both your car and wheels!

+50 rocket fuel every real-life day (it says that you gain 50 rocket fuel per day, while you actually gain 100)

+The ability to use the party gun in apartments

Mobile Garage Avoid the crowd at the garage. Customize your vehicles ANYWHERE! With this pass you can Customize your vehicle and buy rocket fuel without going to a Gas Station or a Garage. R$350
BOSS Jailbreak’s first new Gamepass in over a year, the CRIME BOSS!

As a crime boss you’ll receive special perks to help battle off the police team. Drive a unique Wraith super sedan with a minigun mounted on top! Gain access to a pinstripe suit with sunglasses, a hooded cloak, and bandana! Receive notifications when a new robbery opens! Plus your character will automatically change into normal clothing as soon as you escape the prison!



Although these gamepasses heavily benefit players on Jailbreak, they are criticized for being way too overpriced and not having enough benefits to be worth the money. Some players buy Jailbreak gamepasses to show off their wealth on Roblox which could contribute to Online Dating. Some players who do not buy any gamepasses quit Jailbreak because they think think Jailbreak is starting to become too pay to win and the developers are getting too greedy. Many Roblox Jailbreak players have been made fun of and bullied for not having gamepasses such as Bigger Duffel Bag, Crime Boss, Mobile Garage, and even VIP. However those who can afford the gamepasses may consider them to be worth the robux probably because they play Jailbreak a lot and they need the gamepasses to benefit and give them an advantage over the other players. However a majority of the Roblox community dislike Jailbreak gamepasses.


  • The total cost of all the gamepasses is R$ 2,500. (It used to be R$ 2,550, until the Extra Storage Gamepass was removed).
  • In late November 2017, all gamepasses went on sale at 20% off, cash was also on sale at 20%.
  • In the One Year Update and Sewer Escape Update thumbnails, there was an arrow pointing to the "Store" tab on Jailbreak's page, hinting possible new gamepasses in the future. This turned out to be the BOSS Gamepass.
  • Soon after the Train Patch Update, there was a sale for gamepasses. All gamepasses were 30% off.
  • Gamepass sales mostly occur when regular updates are delayed, or during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
  • The first gamepass sale happened between June, 28th to July 5th, 2017.
  • Currently, the newest gamepass is the BOSS Gamepass.
  • There is a total of seven gamepass currently.
  • Gamepass sales only occur two times every year, as tweeted in Badimo's Twitter.
  • The icons of the gamepasses were made by Injan, as said on the home screen.