Click here for the robbable gas station nearby the Prison and where the Pickup Truck spawns.


The second Gas Station is clearly different from the Gas Station 1. It has 4 trash cans and 10 gas pumps, placed on 6 platforms with 6 sticks. It is not enter able by cops or criminals at all, unless you no-clip through the walls. It can be found across the street from the Donut Shop in the Town. There is also a ramp that leads you to the top of the building. Unlike the Gas Station 1, this Gas station cannot be robbed, and is instead solid.

Rocket Fuel

As of the 2/4/18 Update, this Gas Station has been completely transformed and decorated in neon. This Gas Station now serves as a "refilling" hub for one of Jailbreak's features: Rocket Fuel. At this location, you can purchase rocket fuel and refill your car with rocket fuel, which can be used to literally propel your car across the map or vertically into the air.   


  • This Gas Station has been here since the start of Jailbreak.
  • As of the 2/4/18 update, this is now used as a purpose, to get rocket fuel.
  • Back then, there used to be a Camaro spawn, but in a later update it no longer spawns there.
  • In a recent update, the colors of the Gas Station changed to yellow/orange to pink/purple because of the Rocket Fuel update.
  • After the 2B visits update the building near it sunk and it changed to a new texture.