Located in the Town, this store is where you can get and equip the Glider (as said in the name), which is free and available to everyone. Inside the Glider Store, there is a small reception desk, along with the glider tool itself in the middle of it. To obtain the tool, you simply have to click on it, and then go to an elevated building and use it. For more information on the Glider, click here.

The only thing inside the actual store is the glider, there is nothing else you can buy or grab.


Glider Store Interior

The interior of the Glider Store.

  • This location was added along with the Glider in the 4/28/18 Surprise Update.
  • It is located in what used to be a large, vacant space in between Gun Shop 1 and the Donut Shop
  • It has two entrances and exits, just like the gas station
  • On the minimap, the glider shop was not there until the Fall Update (2018).
  • Before this location was released, it was slightly teased on asimo3089's Twitter by having it's left-hand side (looking from the logo) shown intentionally.