Screenshot 5

An example of the helicopter with the rope equipped.

The Helicopter Rope is exclusive to aerial vehicles in Jailbreak. They can be found on the helicopter and the BlackHawk, but it is unavailable on the UFO. The rope allows players to interact with an aerial vehicle from the ground and it also gives a way of getting into the aerial vehicle without having to land it. It can be very useful to criminals because they could help prisoners who need to escape prison in a fast and efficient manner. When a player is on a rope, if the driver presses "G" while the vehicle is unlocked, then the player will enter a random seat.


  • The BlackHawk was the first vehicle to have a rope; but in a later update, the Helicopter also received it.
  • The rope can be pulled up & lowered if you press "G", the same keybind used on the Ambulance to open the back doors.
  • The rope on the BlackHawk was originally going to be pulled using "F". But, when the missiles were added, the rope is now dropped and raised using "G".
  • Despite the UFO not having the ability to drop the rope, the rope button can still be present on it. However, it doesn't do anything when pressing "G".
  • When flying downwards and the rope is lowered, it will stay inside the aerial vehicle and not drop. This can be fixed by raising it and lowering it again.
  • Despite the rope having a lowering animation, the rope just disappears when it’s raised and teleports the player into a random seat.
  • If the driver presses "G" while the vehicle is locked or all the passenger seats have players in them, then the player will get kicked off the rope and possibly take fall damage.
  • If a player jumps off or is forced off the rope, they won’t receive a parachute and will drop to the ground, invoking fall damage if from a high enough height.