Items in Jailbreak are tools you can get from gamepasses, locations, players etc. Some of these items you can find in your inventory that you spawn with, while others you have to look for them around the map. Usually, the items are helpful.



Key Icon Keycard

You can obtain this by pickpocketing a Police officer. You can also get this by killing police officers. The Keycard is used to open doors which are locked, for example, some doors in Prison, Doors in Police Stations, and the Bank doors.

Taser Icon Taser

You spawn with this if you are on the Police team. Upon a direct hit, this item stuns Criminals and Prisoners, making it easier to capture/arrest them. It has a slow reload, so use it wisely.

RiotShield Icon Riot Shield

Another part of the SWAT gear. When held, it reduces the damage you take from guns by 60%. Requires the SWAT Gamepasses. Only usable if in the Police team, however, it's possible to steal it if you have a keycard as a prisoner. Slows you down slightly.

Donut Icon Donut

Found in the Donut Shop in the town or by pickpocketing a cop. On entering gives a randomly coloured donut which can be eaten. Can also be obtained by pickpocketing a Police officer. In the new update, donuts now heal health.

Flashlight Icon Flashlight

You can get the Flashlight from the Police Station 1 in the Prison and the Police Station 2. It can also be found under the Radio Tower This tool emits a weak light and is preferably used to see in dark places. 

Binoculars Icon Binoculars

The Binoculars are an item widely used by criminals and police - this item is capable of adjusting your field of view & zooming you in. The binoculars can be used to scope out the enemy team, or your fellow comrades. It can be found in the Police Station 1 in the Prison and the Police Station 2. It can also be found on top of the Radio Tower, so it can be used by criminals as well. 

Handcuffs Icon Handcuffs

You get this when you spawn if you are a Police Officer. This is used to capture Criminals and non-innocent Prisoners, sending them back to their cell and stripping them of their items. This item will not take away the items in the Prisoner's bed drawers. When this is held you can eject criminals from their cars and they wouldn't be able to use the vehicle for a few seconds.

Glider Icon Glider

The Glider spawns in the Glider Store, and is used for criminal and police - this item will disappear if/when it touches the ground. 

Bag Icon Museum Heist Bag

The heist bag only spawns once you collect an item in the Museum. It is very minor, but very useful for collecting cash from the Museum.