The Jewelry Store is a heist location in Jailbreak. It is one of five buildings that criminals can rob, the others being the Bank, the Museum, the Donut Shop, and the Gas Station 1 (you can rob the Train as well, but it's not counted as a building). It's found in the City. Once it is robbed, it will be closed for 6m 40s (10 in-game hours) or 8m 40s (13 in-game hours) on VIP servers before opening again.

Escape Routes: There are three ways (red path on the left, blue path in the middle, and white/grey path on the right).

Advantages Disadvantages
Criminals don’t need a keycard to rob this location. Criminals cannot join a robbery when someone is robbing the Jewelry Store.
Gives a decent amount of money Cops can camp on the roof, inside, and outside, much like the Bank and Museum.
You can kill a cop that was already in the Jewelry Store by making them chase you into hard obstacles, such as the lasers and cameras. The obstacles in the Jewelry Store can be difficult for inexperienced players, meaning it can be hard to rob sometimes.
Easy escape route; direct parachute path to the Criminal Base. Cops can enter the Jewelry Store through hole made by the glass cutter before the robbery starts, meaning cops can hide inside.
Gives more money than the Bank, the Cargo Train, and the Passenger Train After exiting the Jewelry Store, you need to get to a criminal base before you get your money, making you prone to being arrested.
Cops can't enter during robberies unless exploiting, glitching, or entering through the top door after a criminal exits. Takes one minute for jewel boxes to regenerate, resulting in a long robbery if multiple criminals are robbing the Jewelry Store at the same time.

Interior Sections

Robbing The Jewelry Store


None are required, but they are recommended.

  • Weapons. Not needed, but there may be police at the top of the building waiting to arrest you at the top, where the doors are to exit the building.
  • Donut, recommended if you are on low health, used to heal health.


Once the Jewelry Store is open (the lights are on and the 'Closed' sign is off) walk up to one of the two 'X's on the ground. A laser cutter will appear and begin to slice through the glass, which takes about two seconds. After a short gap appears, crawl through the slot and enter the store. If you have the Zombie Animation Pack, you do not need to crawl; you can "limbo" through the hole.  

There are lasers on the outside edge floor that can take 20% of your health away. Punch the glass cases containing jewelry to increase the money stored in your bag, it takes four punches to break a glass case. As soon as you break one glass case, metal doors will drop over the windows, preventing any new players from joining.

The glass cases take time to regenerate, meaning if multiple people are robbing Jewelry Store, it might take some time for everyone to get a full bag, especially ones with the Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass. To begin escaping, walk up the stairs on the left back wall, inside a recess.

The first 'trapped floor' has cameras that must be avoided. To be more helpful you can look down on the ground and you can spot red circle on the ground which moves with a camera, avoid going in the red moving circle (Note that crouching will not stop them from damaging you if they see you). Avoid the cameras by studying their patterns and dodging between hiding spots - not as hard as it sounds, as only the center area of the camera's lights will hurt you. Jumping on another player's head to boost yourself onto the walls may help you get past faster and take no damage.

The second floor is confusing. There's a large open floor with moving red lasers in one corner. Don't walk through yet! Press the red button on the wall to spray gas that will reveal the nearly invisible lasers that can hurt you (If you can see the lasers without the spray gas, you don't need to press the button). Jump through the lasers and then make your way past the moving door-blocking lasers.

The final floor is easy - walk up to any shaft to any door and exit to the roof. However, keep an eye out for cops. Then, you have three options: you can either go down the ladder, to the bottom left of the center shaft or parachute out and down into the criminal base/shipping yard. The parachute method has proven to be most effective, as it gives the criminal robbing the most time & probability to get their money. You can also leave your car on the road (near the store) and use the parachute to land on your car, and drive to the criminal base/shipping yard quick. There is a glitch that if you run out a door and come back into the jewelry store, you will be teleported to the Bugatti, this is useful if there are any cops waiting to arrest you.

Cash Amounts

If you rob the Jewelry Store to the max amount of money, you should earn up to:

  • $2,000 (Default)
  • $5,000 (Bigger Duffel Bag)
  • $2,400 (VIP)
  • $6,000 (VIP and Bigger Duffel Bag)


Tips And Tricks For Robbing The Jewelry Store

  • You can glitch in and out of the Jewelry Store by wearing the [1]Knights of Redcliffe package and the Rthro Animation Pack, which are both free. Press your body against the wall and look up in first person. Then, spam a Shotgun or an AK47 and you can no-clip through the wall. This may take a while and works best on public servers. This also works on other walls in the Prison, Bank, Police Station 1, and Police Station 2.
  • It is possible to skip the Camera section entirely just by walking up against the wall where the cameras are mounted, meaning you could potentially slip by without having to wait for spaces in between the lights.
  • It is highly recommended to bring donuts inside the Jewelry Store in case you are on low health.
  • You can pull out items inside the Jewelry Store, unlike the Museum, to help defend yourself from Police.
  • Try to memorize the location and the paths of the red lights from the security cameras in the second floor. This will help you escape the second floor of the Jewelry Store more efficiently without dying.
  • Try to find an AFK (Away from Keyboard) player inside the second floor of the Jewelry Store or a player standing still and use them as a boost to jump over the walls and easily pass the security cameras.
  • On large servers with lots of lag, be wary of the moving lasers on the third floor that may be lagging.
  • Be careful when walking out from the top of the Jewelry Store as police tend to camp the top. That is why it is a good idea to bring some weapons when robbing this location.
  • You can turn in Jewelry Store cash at both the City and Mountain Criminal Base if a cop is camping one. The city base is the fastest way to turn in Jewelry Store cash due to the City Criminal Base being very close to the Jewelry Store.
  • It is highly recommended to buy the Bugatti (if you have not already) for a quick getaway from the Jewelry Store. Do note that the Bugatti is very expensive. A much cheaper alternative is buying the Model3, which also spawns near the Jewelry Store. However, its spawn location is a little bit farther than the Bugatti.
  • If you do not own any of the vehicles mentioned, it is best to just parachute to the City Criminal Base due to the criminal base being only a short walk/drive.
  • If you are the last one in the Jewelry Store, you can teleport out if you walk out and come back in. You will still have your money and you will spawn near the Bugatti.


  • Before the Jewelry Store was added, it was being "place-held" by a grey building with several slim windows. However, it wasn't fully removed. It's just under the Jewelry Store.
  • The Jewelry Store has different gem colors but the prices (money you get from punching) are all the same.
  • The Jewelry Store was released alongside the Bugatti with it spawning there.
  • The Jewelry Store is considered very easy to rob for experienced players who have robbed the Jewelry Store many times due to them memorizing the obstacles.
  • You cannot enter the Jewelry Store via the main door at the front, it's just for decoration.
  • Sometimes when you try to deploy the Parachute on the Jewelry Store roof, you will ragdoll on the ground for few seconds, allowing cops to have time to arrest you. That's why it is recommended to bring a Glider with you in case your parachute fails.
  • Sometimes people will die in the lasers and cameras due to laggy/old PCs or server lag.
  • If you are the last player inside the Jewelry Store walk up to any of the doors, open it, and walk backward, you will be teleported outside next to the Bugatti. This glitch is helpful to avoid camping cops at the doors, and provides a good escape, especially if you own the Bugatti.
  • If a gap is already opened, you cannot open another one at the other X. In other words, only one gap can be opened at a time.
  • The top floor's windows were shaded so that Police can't see the Criminal's escape route as easily.
  • The Jewelry store was the fourth robbable location in the game.
  • The first 3 were Bank, Donut Shop, and Gas Station 1.
  • This location did not sink during the eruption. This was to keep players that were currently robbing the location from sinking into the ground.
  • This is one of a few buildings in the City to stay the same during the 2B Visits Update, others being Gun Shop 2, Basement of the Bank and the Garage.
  • As of the 2018 Winter Update, the texture for the windows was changed in order to match the ones in the city.
  • As of the 2018 Winter Update, the cameras are now more clear to the player but are a little more harder.
  • Sometimes, a bug happens where a player's cash GUI from the jewelry store disappears, and the player does not receive their Jewelry Store cash.
  • On laggy servers, you can get duplicate jewelry boxes by continuously punching one box.
  • Respawned jewelry boxes only require one punch to break.
  • In the City/Guns Update, the Jewelry Store got bigger by adding a new wall to the side, increasing the size of the store and preventing people from robbing the store from the outside.
  • In the "Mega Robbery Update," the Jewelry Store was expanded by having a new staircase added to it, along with a combination of six total possible floors that could spawn; only having 3 spawn each robbery, however.