The Lamborghini is the first supercar added in the April 29th, 2017 Update, which is the second update following the BETA release of the game. The car costs $100,000 in-game cash, making it the 7th most expensive vehicle in the game. The Lamborghini is one of the most common cars seen in Jailbreak as it is easily affordable for experienced people. The Lamborghini is considered one of the best vehicles because of its location, and speed. The Lamborghini is stationed at the Volcano Criminal Base, and the bank, where a lot of criminals go. It has very fast speed and is probably the best vehicle for people who can't afford the Bugatti or Torpedo. The Lamborghini can beat Volt bike in top speed hardly when level 5 engine.


It is found on the road near the Bank or in the volcano criminal base near the Town. The Lamborghini is the fifth fastest vehicle in the game and is often used by players who do not want to save up for the Bugatti, which costs the equivalent of 5 Lamborghini's in cash.

Advantages Disadvantages
The Fifth fastest vehicle behind Roadster, Bugatti, Torpedo, and Jet with level 5. 2 seaters, although more people can stand or crouch on the top and still travel wherever the Lamborghini goes.
Very good price to performance ratio considering the top speed and handling of the Lamborghini. Beaten by the  Roadster, Bugatti, Torpedo and the Jet in top speed, and it's beaten by the BlackHawk, Dirtbike, Porsche, Ferrari, Mclaren, R8, Patrol, Bugatti, Torpedo, Volt Bike, and Jet in acceleration.
Spawns in 2 easy-to-spot and convenient locations, allowing quick access to rush or give chase. Mildly expensive.
Good car to buy without having to grind for a long time to get other supercars. The slow acceleration can make it easier for cops to eject players (with handcuffs) or pop their tires with a weapon.
Not glitchy, even on laggy servers or poor devices. Terrible brakes.
2nd cheapest supercar, while faster than the Ferrari and McLaren. Bad handling while drifting.
At top-speed in reverse, it becomes silent, much like the Bugatti. Slow acceleration for a supercar.
Decent reverse speed. The Patrol is much slower than the Lamborghini in speed and it has the same reverse speed as the Lamborghini and is much better than the Lamborghini in handling, acceleration, and off-roading.
Average handling. Has the slowest acceleration out of every supercar.



  • The vehicle was added in the "Supercar Update”.
  • Its spawn at the Bank was place-held by a Camaro spawn.
  • The model for this car seems to be a hybrid of the 2008 Lamborghini Reventon and the 2011 Lamborghini Aventador.
  • This was the first supercar introduced to the game, and generally the most popular one to date; mainly because of the brand, cost, and performance.
  • This vehicle is one of the only vehicles to have two or more spawns, the others being the Model3, Helicopter, Dirtbike, Wraith, and Camaro.
  • When driving backwards and going as fast as possible, the car will actually become silent. However, unlike the Bugatti, this will take a while to do.
  • This car makes a sound while not moving.
  • As of the 2018 winter update, the car can be rented for 24 hours for R$99. Currently, the Lamborghini is the only car that can be rented.
  • Back when the Radio station was still in Jailbreak the Lamborghini would spawn by the Porsche in front of the Station. This was removed when the Museum Update came.
  • The Lamborghini has a 6-speed transmission.
  • The Lamborghini has a different sound effect like the Bugatti for most vehicles.
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