This article is about the Lamborghini supercar, the Aventador. To see the Lamborghini high performance SUV, see Surus. To see the Lamborghini hypercar, see M12 Molten.


The Lamborghini (known in real-life as the Lamborghini Aventador. Colloquially referred to as the lambo.) is the first supercar in Jailbreak, added in the Supercar Update on April 26, 2017, the second major update following the BETA release of Jailbreak.

It is one of the most commonly-used cars in Jailbreak, as many experienced players can easily buy it, and newer players having easy access to it because of its relatively low price.

The Lamborghini is considered one of the best vehicles because of its spawn locations and amazing stats. It is the cheapest supercar along with the Beam Hybrid, yet it outclasses most supercars in some aspects.

In a miscellaneous update in February 2020, the Lamborghini was accidentally buffed in top speed and acceleration and became one of the fastest vehicles in the game. It was then given a remodel in the March 2021 Mid-Season Update, giving it a refreshed look and a brand-new interior, along with a slight acceleration nerf and a handling buff.

The Lamborghini can also be rented for Robux.png99 Robux for one day, the only car which can be rented in the entire game. This is not recommended, as players are better off buying it, as it is better to buy it and keep it forever, than continuously spending Robux on renting it.


All information is based from tests using fully-upgraded vehicles.

What is impressive about the Lamborghini is its top speed, beating that of the Roadster. The extreme levels of top speed are due to the unintended buff that was given to the Lamborghini in the HD/Jetski Update. The acceleration, despite being slow to reach top speed, has a fast acceleration rate, allowing it to speed past most vehicles in short and mid-range races. It somewhat lacks in braking, and off-roading, but even so, the Lamborghini is an amazing vehicle for its price. Overall, the Lamborghini is a recommended vehicle for beginners. However, if one does not wish to buy the Lamborghini, they can instead save an extra Cash Icon.png100,000 for the Ferrari, save Cash Icon.png9,000 more for the Surus, or save an extra Cash Icon.png90,000 and get the Little Bird. It has been announced by the developers that the Lamborghini will soon be nerfed for balancing purposes.

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Top speed
Reverse speed
Very fast for its price. It beats every supercar, and even the Roadster and Surus. It is beaten by the M12 Molten, Airtail, Eclaire, Brulee, and Torpedo, making the Lamborghini the sixth-fastest vehicle overall and the 3rd fastest on-sale vehicle. Sixth-fastest in the game, only behind the Drone, Brulee, Torpedo, Black Hawk, and Dune Buggy
One of the fastest in terms of launch speed. It's as fast as the Stallion. The launch speed allows the Lamborghini to be quicker in all cases compared to the Surus, even though having an identical top speed. It takes around 25 seconds to reach its maximum top speed. However, because of its fast acceleration rate, it reaches high speeds quickly, beating the Cybertruck and all supercars except for the Stallion, which beats it in mid-distance routes.
Easy to control even at any speed. It sometimes has a hard time in sharp City corners unless players either slow down considerably or drift; this is because of its lower grip. After the revamp, the handling got slightly buffed, making it easier to control. It is quite stable when off-roading. The Lamborghini's ground clearance is not the highest, but it off-roads and hill climbs fairly well. Comparable to the Stallion.
It comes to a full stop in about 2 seconds, which is tied for the worst braking in a supercar with the Brulee.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Has a great price-to-performance ratio. Off-roading is mediocre.
Good launch and acceleration rate. Has trouble with railroad tracks. This can be avoided with a high suspension.
Cheap compared to other supercars. Can fling when hitting walls.
Is a good getaway vehicle after robbing the Bank. Sometimes bounces on lower-end devices or laggy servers.
Reverse speed is one of the fastest in the game, making for easy getaways from enemy players. It takes long to reach top speed, however, this is sometimes not a problem, as it reaches very fast speeds in less than 15 seconds.
It is the third fastest vehicle on sale, behind the Eclaire and Air Tail. Tied for the worst braking in a supercar with the Brulee.


A section for visual and audio media featuring the Lamborghini.

Visual Gallery


The Lamborghini after the Mid season Update of March 2021.

Spawn points

The Lamborghini at its spawn points.


The Lamborghini after the Atmosphere Update of May 2020.


The Lamborghini after the HD/Racing of February 2020.


The Lamborghini before all of the lighting updates.


The customization teaser images relating to the Lamborghini.


The new model teaser images for the Lamborghini.


The GUI for the Lamborghini.


The thumbnails for the Lamborghini.

Work-in progress

The Lamborghini's new model, teased by asimo3089.

Audio gallery

First buff

The idle engine noise.
Accelerating and decelerating.
Accelerating and decelerating in reverse.
The idle engine noise in a tunnel.
Accelerating with a level 5 engine and level 3 brakes.
Reversing with a level 5 engine and level 3 brakes.


The idle engine noise.
Accelerating and decelerating.
Accelerating and decelerating in reverse.
The idle engine noise in a tunnel.
Driving through a tunnel.
Reversing in a tunnel.
Accelerating and decelerating with a level 5 engine and level 3 brakes.
Reversing with a level 5 engine and level 3 brakes.


  • This vehicle is based on the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador.
  • The price of the Lamborghini, when researched upon, costs $659,010 to $757,460, which is far more than its in-game price.
    • This was most likely done for balancing reasons, because, at the time the Lamborghini was added the only heist was the Bank, and it only gave Cash Icon.png1,000 cash.
  • This is the third fastest obtainable vehicle in the game, only behind the Air Tail and the Eclaire.
  • As of the 2018 Winter Update, this is the only car in Jailbreak that could be rented with Robux, with a cost of Robux.png99 for 24 real-life hours.
    • This is among the rarest features known in Jailbreak, as players are far more likely to buy vehicles with in-game cash and keep them, rather than renting them with Robux.png Robux.
    • Badimo planned to add vehicle renting on more vehicles, but was never added due to unknown reasons.
    • This makes the Lamborghini the only rentable vehicle in Jailbreak.
  • This is the first Italian-based car in the Jailbreak, before the Stallion, Surus and M12 Molten.
    • Lamborghini is the fifth brand to have multiple cars in Jailbreak, after Bugatti, Tesla, Chevrolet, Ford, and before McLaren, Porsche,.
  • This was the first supercar introduced to the game.
  • This is the third vehicle that had a price tag, the first ones being the Pickup Truck and the Model 3.
  • Before being added to the game, its spawn at the Bank was a Camaro.
    • After the update released, a Camaro spawned at the Bank and the Lamborghini spawned at the Volcano Criminal Base. This was changed quickly.
  • This was the only supercar to have more than one spawn point until the Air Tail was added, which features a spawn at the Airport and one at the Military Base.
    • It also has the second-highest number of spawn points in the game, tied at three with the Helicopter, and less than the Camaro's nine spawns.
  • The Lamborghini has a six-speed transmission.
  • This is first car with "Rumble" chassis engine sound, before the Brulee, Eclaire, Surus, Challenger, M12 Molten, and the Air Tail.
  • When reversing at top speed, the engine sound becomes silent.
  • Back when the Radio Station was still in Jailbreak, the Lamborghini spawned by the Posh in front of it.
  • In a miscellaneous update on February 2020, the Lamborghini received a substantial acceleration buff.
    • Part of the reason behind this major buff had something to do with the metal material. Many had reported that cars were slower as every vehicles' body now uses a metal material, so Badimo buffed every cars' top speed and acceleration. However, the light body of the Lamborghini did not majorly affect the performance of the car when switching to metal, so the buff did not make it equal to how it once was, like others, but made it even faster.
  • When the Lamborghini was revamped, the developers noticed that it was too fast for its price. They have planned to nerf its top speed in the near future.
    • Its license plate was also changed from ABC DEF to "ITALIAN", which is a reference to Lamborghini being an Italian automobile manufacturer.
    • This is the second vehicle to have it's license plate changed, the first one being the Classic, which had its plate changed from "IM OLD" to "BOO MER".
    • It is also the first vehicle to have it's license plate changed from a generic ABC DEF license plate to a unique license plate.
    • The Lamborghini is one of many vehicles with a stock license plate that differs from the default "ABC DEF" plate. These vehicles include, but are not limited to, the Surus, Monster Truck, and Delorean
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