The Lasers is a harmful obstacle in Jailbreak. Lasers are found only at the bank and the jewelry store. These are used to make the Robberies & Heists difficulty harder. They're used in an obby-style case in which you need to jump and crawl to dodge lasers.

The Jewelry Store has a special set of lasers on the third floor, and thus needs to have a button clicked to reveal them. The Bank has lasers that take exactly 20 HP, while the Jewelry Store's take 25 HP.

Lasers in the Museum don't harm the player, and they act like motion sensors; they surround 2 artifacts, and if any of the artifacts are stolen, the alarms will sound, the Police will be notified, and the security will heighten.



  • The lasers usually change their color seasonally. In the winter, they are blue; in fall, they are orange; and in summer and spring, they are red. However, in the 2018 Winter Update, the lasers just reverted back to red from yellow.
  • Players can accidentally make contact with the Bank lasers during the vault explosion.
  • The Jewelry Store laser cutter, although not the same mechanic as regular lasers, is used to make a hole in the Jewelry Store‘s glass wall.
  • The Jewelry Store lasers on the first floor can still damage you even if you are outside of the Jewelry Store.
  • The water in the Bank indirectly kills you because of unavoidable exposure to lasers.
  • The Bank received a laser change during the 2018 Winter Update.