Jailbreak's map has various locations to explore. There's a wide variety of Easter Eggs, so you'll need to have a good eye to find them. Some are in plain sight, while others are tucked away in the map.


PrisonGun ShopGlider StoreDonut Shop1M DealershipRocket Fuel StationMeteorSingle Customization GarageWind TurbinesWater TowerCriminal HeadquartersDesert/DunesSatellite ArrayEntrance TunnelTrain StationRadio TowerSoccer (Football) NetMuseumSecret Agent BaseEvil LairCity TunnelCriminal OutpostFire StationGas StationTrain Station PlatformTriple Customization GarageHospitalBankJewelry StorePolice OutpostSewersExit TunnelJailbreakMap 2point04k
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