NOTE: This feature is not available for mobile or console players. You have to use a PC to have this feature.


The Mini Map is a feature that was added in the Official Release of Jailbreak. It is located in the bottom left of the screen, and you have the option to close it or leave it open. It tracks where criminals are, where police are, and where prisoners are. Criminals and Prisoners have red dots while Police have blue dots.

This feature is useful for both cops and criminals, as it helps both teams see where they are. For the Police, they can track down criminals with the Mini Map and arrest them for their bounty, assuming they have one. For criminals, they can see where the police are around the map, and run from them, or go and attack them with weapons. To hide the Mini Map, press the white X at the bottom left.


Like some features in the game, the Mini Map is actually very useful in most cases. Police (mentioned above) can track criminals with this, and Criminals can run from them. Although very useful, not very many people use the Mini Map and sometimes close it to get it out of the way, of their screen. Not to mention, it doesn't 100% track the opposing team, but it rather makes their location flash briefly for a few seconds, and then disappears. This is to prevent abuse, but your team's dot will stay visible 100%.


  • While the Mini Map is overall a good feature, as said above, it overlaps the bounty GUI for some users on smaller, or lower resolution screens, though this can be easily fixed by simply closing it. It is recommended to use computers that support 1080P and or a larger screen to prevent overlapping.
  • Another glitch is also where the Mini Map doesn't move at all, becomes black or just doesn't track criminals and police as it was supposed to do. When the Model3(Tesla), McLaren and ATV would glitch/fling around when its tires pop, the Mini Map will be distorted when you fly off the map, and would eventually turn a shade of black.
  • There a blue icon in one if the city apartments even though there are no cops in that building.
  • If a vehicle glitches under the map, it will show your character by the river near the Dune buggy spawn. It is unknown why it shows this spot of all places, but it may have something to do with the fact that that spot is the center of the map, but it is more mysterious why it doesn't show what is directly above you.



  • This feature was added in the Official Release of Jailbreak.
  • The Glider Store, as well as the Museum, didn't show up on the Mini Map before the Fall Update in 2018. 
  • The mini map shows your own team (prisoners and criminals count as one) better than it shows the opponents, because the enemy team will flash their color on your map. 
  • It is unknown why you don't have a minimap on mobile or Xbox, but it may have something to do with it being too big. Still, though, they could make it very small on mobile.