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The Mobile Garage is a gamepass in Jailbreak costing 350 Robux. This gamepass allows players driving a vehicle to open up the Garage GUI and customize their vehicle anywhere, with the simple click of a cyan Bugatti icon on the left of the screen, instead of having to go to the garages. The Mobile Garage will allow you to customize instantly anywhere, which includes upgrading a car’s engine, brakes, license plate, textures, body colors, spoilers, and suspension just by double-clicking the button. This is also used to refuel rocket fuel, but by pressing the rocket fuel bar or pressing "Q" at an empty tank.


  • The texture displayed by the car in the gamepass icon can actually be obtained in the game under the name of Checker, but the only way to acquire it is by purchasing access to the place called Badimo’s Vehicle Demo V1 which costs 26 Robux. Unfortunately, the exact texture is no longer in the game and has been replaced with a "simpler" checker skin, rather the "flag-like" version shown on the gamepass thumbnail.
  • The mobile garage is recommended for criminals to escape camping cops at robbery locations.
  • The mobile garage and the Bigger Duffer Bag are a very unique combo for a criminal so they can quickly make their cars faster to escape faster and make more money.
  • Most people buy the Mobile Garage to make their cars faster so they can go to locations more quickly unlike driving a stock car until you drive it to the garage. Also, players can use the Mobile Garage to escape cops quickly when they switch vehicles. They can also use the Mobile Garage to not worry about missing a robbery due to people without Mobile Garage having to drive to the garage to make their car stand out.
  • When the 1B Visits Update came around, Rocket Fuel was added to the bar on the left (Rocket Fuel still requires Robux to purchase, though you do get a little bit daily.)
  • There was no announcement leading up to the release of this gamepass, it just appeared.
  • The gamepass description says, "Avoid the crowd at the garage. Customize your vehicles ANYWHERE! With this pass you can Customize your vehicle and buy rocket fuel without going to a Gas Station or a Garage."