The Model3 (often called the Tesla) is a vehicle in Jailbreak. You can buy it for $16,000 in-game cash. It is based on the Tesla Model3 and is commonly called the “Tesla" because of how it looks. It's quite fast and easy to find. It can be found in the two parking lots with Badimo car chargers. The first spawn point is located near the entrance of the tunnel near Jewelry Store, and the second is near the Bank. It's the quietest car in the game and carries a nice amount of passengers, making it great for team getaways.

Advantages Disadvantages
Seats 4 players. Good for teams. Bad off-roading and uphill capability unless a higher suspension is used.
Very fast with level 5 engine, almost as fast as a Lamborghini. Very slow reverse speed.
Great acceleration with nice handling to boot. Light car, so if it gets hit by a faster-moving car, the car can launch backwards.
Very cheap, easily affordable within a few robberies. Driving it into a wall or other vehicle at an angle can spin your car. Worst case scenario, the car gets flung.
Can succeed driving to ramps as a cheap car. Very glitchy at times.
Very quiet as it is an electric car, making it harder for enemies to hear. As the Model3 moves faster, the engine sound gets louder.
Spawns near the Jewelry Store and Bank, allowing an easy robbery getaway if you don’t own the Lamborghini or the Bugatti.



  • Elon Musk himself gave asimo3089 permission to use the Model3 in Jailbreak
  • A real Model3 can seat 5 people.
  • Before the Supercar Update, the Model3 didn't spawn near the Bank.
  • Previously, if the tires of a Model3 were popped, it would fly away (most of the time it would fly off the map). This glitch was patched later on.
  • When you release the gas pedal (W button, RT, or Joystick) the Model3 behaves like a real electric car, slowing down instead of coasting.
  • To prevent bouncing, wait 10-15 seconds after the car spawns, then enter it.
  • There was an Easter Egg featuring a red Model3 with blue windows using the Rocket Fuel feature, located by the river on the city side. This was removed in a later update.
  • If you bump into something with the Model3, very rarely it will start spinning very fast and fling you across or out of the map.
  • When the Model3 and the Lamborghini are both at Level 5 Engine, the Lamborghini is a little faster, beating out the Model3 by approximately 3 seconds when used in a long distance race.
  • asimo3089 has a Model3 in real life. In addition, asimo3089 is a big fan of Tesla, as well as its founder, Elon Musk. As a result, he named the Rocket Fuel brand off of Musk's space company, "SpaceX."
  • In the icon of the Rocket Fuel Update, there was a red Model3 using rocket fuel. This resembles the launch that SpaceX did within a few days of the update being released.
  • When Jailbreak was first released, the Model3 was a free vehicle.
  • The Tesla company owned by Elon musk is most notable and known for its self driving features, however in Jailbreak the Tesla does not have this feature.