This page is about the Tesla sedan. For the Tesla hypercar, see Roadster. For the Tesla pickup truck, see Cybertruck.


The Model 3 is an electric car in Jailbreak. It was one of the first vehicles in the game, added alongside the Camaro and Helicopter in the game's public Beta release. However, that version of the car is now gone, as the model was revamped and given an interior on June ?, 2020, as part of the "5 Days, 5 Vehicles" series of updates.


Without upgrades, the Model 3 is slower than the free Camaro and Jeep, making it a poor vehicle choice for new players. However, the car's stats improve exponentially after equipping the level 5 engine (Cash Icon.png50,000). A maxed out Model 3 can beat various more-expensive sports cars, and offers four seats, making it a good car for groups.

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Top speed
Reverse speed
It is faster than most other mid-tier and similarly priced vehicles, as well as some much more expensive vehicles, and it is slightly faster than the Black Hawk. However, it is slightly slower than the McLaren, Delorean, Monster Truck, and the Cybertruck. Reverse Speed is incredibly sluggish. It is the second-slowest land vehicle in the game in terms of reverse speed, only ahead of the Classic, while comparable to the Volt, Roadster, Cybertruck and Mini-Cooper.
As it is an electric vehicle, the Model 3 can launch faster than some supercars. The closest competitor is the McLaren. As a result, the Model 3 is great for short to medium routes. Acceleration is good, the Model 3 maintains a constant rate of acceleration. It accelerates to top speed in only about 6 seconds. Overall, this acceleration is better than almost any mid-tier vehicle, while rivaling the McLaren.
Easy to handle at any speed. Tight corners travelling at high speeds may cause the Model 3 to tip over because of its bodyroll. Ground clearance is low even with high suspension. The car is rather unstable when driving on bumpy terrain, loses speed when climbing, and often flips and rolls over, it's worse than the Roadster. High suspension with level 5 engine makes the Model 3 very unstable, making it roll over in sharp turns.
It comes to a halt in just a second or so, making it better than most other vehicles. It is comparable to the Roadster, Cybertruck, and ATV. However, speed also varies.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Third cheapest vehicle in the game, behind the Pickup Truck at Cash Icon.png9,000 and the Deja at Cash Icon.png10,000. Slow reverse speed.
Very fast top speed with a Level 5 engine, being just moderately slower than the McLaren. Bad off-roading and uphill capability unless a higher suspension is used.
Great launch speed with a Level 5 Engine, beating most general vehicles, and rivaling the McLaren. Prone to flinging out of the map as much as the Roadster and Surus.
Smooth driving and handling. Can flip over when going around tight corners at high speed.
Seats 4 players, making it a good team vehicle. Quite bouncy on low-end devices, and poor internet connections.
Spawns near the Jewelry Store and Bank, making it a decent getaway vehicle if a player doesn’t own the Lamborghini, Roadster, Little Bird, or the Chiron. Very slow with the Level 1 engine.
Produces little noise, allowing stealthy escapes or approaches.
Controllable at top speed.


The Model 3 after the 5 Days 5 Vehicles Update


The exterior of the Model 3.


The interior of the Model 3.
The Model 3 at it's spawn points.

Old Model/HD

The Model 3 prior to the 5 Days 5 Vehicles Update.


The Model 3 before all of the lighting updates.


Teaser images of the redesigned Model 3.

October Update

The Model 3 featured in the October update teaser images.


Customization teasers relating to the Model 3.


The Model 3 shown on display


The thumbnails for the Model 3.

Easter Egg

The Model 3 using as an Easter Egg.


The announcement of the Redesign of the Model 3.

Work-in progress

The Model 3 in the making on Blender.


The GUI for Model 3.


  • This was the first electric vehicle to be added to Jailbreak, second being the Volt Bike, third being the Roadster, fourth being the Cybertruck, and fifth being the Volt 4X4.
  • This was also the first vehicle to be added to Jailbreak at all, along with the Camaro and Helicopter.
  • Elon Musk - the CEO of Tesla, Inc. - gave asimo3089 permission to use the Tesla Model 3 in Jailbreak.
  • This was the second vehicle to be redesigned in the "Five Days Five Vehicles" update, after the UFO, before the Ferrari.
  • In the beta, the Model 3 used to be free.
    • After beta, the Model 3's price was Cash Icon.png12,000 cash, however this was later adjusted to the current price of Cash Icon.png16,000 cash.
  • When a player releases the gas pedal (W button, RT, or Joystick) the Model 3 behaves like a real electric car, slowing down instead of coasting.
  • Although it is an electric car and does not have an engine, the Garage allows for Engine Level upgrades.
  • Before the Supercar Update, the Model 3 did not spawn at the charging station near the Bank.
  • There was an Easter Egg featuring a red Model 3 with blue windows using Rocket Fuel, located by the river on the city side. This was removed in a later update.
  • In the icon of the Rocket Fuel Update, there was a red Model 3 using rocket fuel. This resembles a SpaceX rocket launch they performed a few days of the update being released.
  • Jailbreak co-founder asimo3089 has a Model 3 in real life. In addition, asimo3089 is a big fan of Tesla, as well as its founder, Elon Musk.
    • This may be the reason why the Model 3 and Cybertruck can rival more expensive cars.
  • Badimo named Jailbreak's Rocket Fuel brand "SpaceZ", based off of Musk's space company, "SpaceX."
  • Before Jailbreak was released, the Model 3 was used for another one of asimo3089's games.
  • Previously, if the tires of a Model 3 were popped, the car would fling away (most of the time it would fly out the map). This bug was later patched.
  • The Model 3 has a feature called body-roll. When the player turns in one direction, the body will "sway" in the other direction. For example, when a player makes a hard right turn, the body will sway to the left and vice versa. Only this and the Surus have this feature.
  • The Model 3 and Roadster are the vehicles that are most likely to be flung out of the map. This has been nicknamed "UFO mode". After the Oceans/Ships update, this was made so it would occur less, but it can still happen.
  • This is the third vehicle to have the first person driving feature, after the Surus and Chiron, and before the Ferrari.
  • This. alongside Ferrari and Surus, have a unique seating position for player characters riding in the car.
  • The Model 3 was featured on top of the very first Garage until the garage was revamped for the official release.
  • There is an easter egg where the Jailbreak map is shown on the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • Even though it runs on electric motors, which are capable of rotating backwards in the same speed as forwards, the Model 3 has a slow reverse speed. This feature is shared with other electric vehicles such as the Roadster, Volt and the Cybertruck.
  • The Model 3 used to be the second cheapest car in the game. Now, as of the September update, the Deja now takes its spot, making the Model 3 the third cheapest in the game.
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