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A criminal flying through the sand dunes in a parachute.

The parachute is a feature every player has. The parachute makes you fall 70% slower and erases any fall damage. The parachute is deployed when you jump out/get kicked out of a Helicopter, BlackHawk, or UFO, and after you jump off the roof of the Jewelry Store. You can press the "space" key to remove the Parachute. When you land on the ground, the Parachute is automatically removed. You are able to control your direction in the air while the Parachute is deployed. You are also able to use weapons while using a parachute, but you can also get damaged or get arrested while doing so. As of the 2018 winter update, the Airdrop breifcases also have parachutes when they drop down to the ground.


  • The parachute has a random color when deployed.
  • The feature where you can remove your parachute mid-air by pressing space was added in the May 13th, 2017 Update.
  • You cannot destroy your parachute mid-air on a mobile or game console device, even if you press jump.
  • You can still interact or do things while in a parachute, like arresting a player or punching.
  • Players can not be tased while on a Parachute.
  • When you look down or up, you will go down faster. In addition, your parachute will go in the direction your camera is facing, meaning that you cannot turn your camera without your character turning.
  • You receive a parachute whenever you jump out a Helicopter as of the April 29th Update.
  • There is a glitch where if you jump off the Jewelry Store roof, the parachute will not decrease your fall speed. Thus making it so you take a slight amount of fall damage. This won't be enough to kill you unless you have low health to begin with.
  • There's a glitch where if you change teams as soon as you jump out of a Helicopter, you would not take fall damage until you leave the game.
  • The Airdrop breicases parachute was originally going to be a balloon but it was changed during it's release.