The Patrol (also known as the Patrol Bike or Police Motorcycle) is a motorbike that was introduced into Jailbreak in the Map Expansion Update. It is quite a bargain vehicle with a price of only Cash Icon.png$45,000, and can be seen as an upgraded alternative of the Dirtbike, offering better performance.

Because of these all-around great traits, and its cheap price, it is highly recommended for beginner players to buy the Patrol as their overall vehicle. However, like most bikes, the Patrol has a heavyweight, which makes it impossible to complete jumps. A huge upside to the Patrol Bike is its speed. Similar to the Model 3, when equipped with the Level 5 engine, it can reach very fast speeds.

As of the Part 1 of the July 2020 Update, the second spawn at Police Station 2 was replaced by the Surus, which now spawns there, now the Patrol only spawns at Police Station 1.


The Patrol has amazing performance. Unlike other bikes like the Dirtbike or ATV, it's top speed is quite good for its price, beating the more expensive Posh, and it's handling despite the the sharp turns is still decent in the game. It also has insanely high launch and acceleration especially if the players backs up a bit and then charges making it much faster. The reverse speed is also one of the fastest in the game. The Patrol mainly rivals the Model 3, and while the Model 3 does beat it in speed, that is only when both vehicles are equipped with the Level 5 engine. If both vehicles are at the Level 1 engine, the Patrol can easily beat the Model 3 in speed. Overall, it is recommended to buy the Patrol if one does not want to purchase the Model 3 or Challenger.

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Top speed
Reverse speed
Fast for its price. The Patrol compares with many mid tier vehicles, and it can outrun the more expensive Porsche and Ambulance. With the Level 5 engine, it can reach speeds nearly as fast as the Model 3. But some other vehicles can beat it, such as the Lamborghini or R8. The reverse speed is not as fast as its top speed, other stats are almost identical in reverse. The Patrol beats most vehicles and is under the Chiron and Torpedo.
It can launch extremely quickly. Sometimes supercars and even some hypercars can struggle to keep up with it in terms of short distances. The closest competitors are the Torpedo, Chiron, and Molten M12. It does fall behind the Roadster in this category. One of the best accelerations in the game. The Patrol accelerates to its top speed almost instantly, even without a Level 5 Engine. In terms of medium-haul routes, the Patrol can outrun many supercars. In short distances, it can rival every supercar and hypercar except for the Roadster.
Being a bike, it's among the best in handling. Due to its small size, it can turn very easily and also fits in alleyways. However, it can be a little difficult to control for inexperienced players due to its sharp turns. It is also hard to control when equipped with a level 5 engine at turns. Although the ground clearance is not very high, due to its acceleration, it drives very stably when shortcutting across the dunes. Just like many other vehicles, it tends to slow down a little when climbing obstacles.
Very good brakes but not overall the best. It manages to compete with many low, medium, and high-tier vehicles. Still, some other vehicles outclass it, especially the Model 3.

Pros and Cons

Does sink when it spawns, jst like the dirtbike and the dune buggy
Pros Cons
Cheaper than most other vehicles. Handling can be very sharp and difficult to manage compared to other common vehicles.
Incredibly high acceleration and launch. It can even challenge the Torpedo and Chiron at short-routes. The driver's torso is exposed to enemy gunfire.
Great off-roading ability. When exiting at high speed, they usually ragdoll to the ground. This is likely a glitch.
Easily accessible for Police, as it is located at one of their spawns. Slower top speed than the Challenger and Model 3.
Can be used to glitch inside of the Museum as a Police by spawning it with Premium Garage. (Can be viewed as a disadvantage for criminals) Bad at jumps.
Reverse speed is pretty fast compared to most vehicles. Only has one seat, unlike the two-seater Dirtbike.
Tires cannot be popped, this is most likely a bug (This can be seen as a disadvantage for Police) Spawns in the Police Station 1, acting as a getaway (Good for cops, bad for Criminals and also this can be viewed as a pro)
Very nimble, being able to make turns quickly. Only spawns near The Prison.
Can climb hills with ease especially when pressing the V key to flip vehicles. Difficult to exit the prison without a keycard or towing it using a helicopter due to the fact that the Patrol can't fly with Rocket Fuel.
It is possible to do the Volt glitch on this, although it is rare. No seat for the owner the dog, this can be said to all other bike related vehicles.
Good for short to medium routes.
Can be used to avoid autoarresters because the tires cannot be popped
Incredible short distance speed, even slightly beating the Bugatti
Slows down by an insignicfant amount when turning.
Does not need to be hijacked to be driven as a prisoner/criminal.


A section for visual and audible media featuring the Patrol.

Visual gallery


The Patrol after the Atmosphere Update of May 2020, and as of now.


The Patrol on release.


The GUI for the Patrol.

Audio gallery

Normal Maximum upgrades
The idle engine noise.
The idle engine noise with a level 5 engine.

No change

Accelerating and decelerating.
Accelerating and decelerating with a level 5 engine and level 3 brakes.
Accelerating and decelerating in reverse.
Reversing with a level 5 engine and level 3 brakes.
Drifting around corners.
Drifting around corners with a level 5 engine and level 3 brakes.


  • This is the third bike introduced into the game, after the Volt Bike (being the second) and the Dirtbike (being the first).
  • Ironically, despite being a police vehicle, the Patrol cannot equip sirens.
  • The Patrol uses the same engine sound as the Dirtbike and Dune Buggy.
  • For some reason, when the Patrol pulls back it generates higher launch speed and acceleration. This trait is also shared with the Dirtbike and Dune Buggy.
  • Usually, if players enter the Patrol when their camera is looking the other way, the Patrol will turn to face the camera view.
  • When equipping body colors that has special effects (such as Chrome, Fall Chrome, Radiant Yellow) it does not seem to glow/reflect, this trait is shared with Dirtbike, Dune Buggy and Jeep (the hood only)
  • The vehicle spawns in four colors: grey, blue, and yellow, and orange. The Yellow version has more contrast while Gray has a more blended look.
  • The Patrol, Dirtbike, Helicopter, UFO, Little Bird, Black Hawk, Drone and Blade all have the same reverse speed as fast as the top speed. Though the top speed may vary.
    • The launch speed and acceleration are about the same, again these may vary vehicles.
  • The Patrol no longer spawns at the Police Station 2. It's former spawn location is taken by the Surus.
  • This is fourth vehicle with only one seat, after Classic, Volt & ATV, fifth being Jet Ski, sixth being Stunt, and seventh being Jet.
  • The Patrol Bike can be useful for avoiding auto arresters, people who disable your vehicle then teleport to arrest you, because the tires cannot be popped.
  • The patrol bike is also a retro style motorcycle because of the looks it has
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