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The Patrol is a motorbike that was introduced into Jailbreak in the Map Expansion Update. It is quite a bargain vehicle, featuring a price of only Cash Icon.png$45,000, and can be seen as an alternative upgraded version of the Dirtbike, offering better overall performance.

As of Day 1 of the 5 Days 5 Vehicles Update, the Patrol's second spawn at Police Station 2 was replaced by the Surus, which was then replaced by an Interrogator spawn. The Patrol only spawns at the Prison beside the Police Garage, next to the SWAT Van.


The Patrol has amazing performance. It's top speed is quite good for its price being practically faster than other mid-tier vehicles, beating some more expensive vehicles despite not having a faster top speed, and it's handling despite its sensitive and tight turning circle is still decent. It also has insanely fast launch and acceleration, rivaling some hypercars. Reverse speed is also one of the fastest in the game. Overall, it is recommended to buy the Patrol, and players are encouraged to purchase this before the Dirtbike.

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Top speed
Reverse speed
An overral better upgrade to the Dirtbike however it does lose to many mid-tier vehicles such as the Mighty, Ray and Interrogator. Though it is rare for these vehicles to catch up due to many of these mid-tier vehicles having slower launch and acceleration. The reverse speed is one of the fastest in the game, being slightly faster than the Surus but slightly slower than the Eclaire and La Matador.
It can launch extremely quickly, rivaling high-tier vehicles. Its competitors are the Eclaire, Torpedo, and M12 Molten. One of the best accelerations in the game, reaching top speed near instantly. In a short distance, it competes with all hypercars except the Roadster.
Due to its small size, it can turn very easily and also fits in alleyways. However, it can be a little difficult to control for inexperienced players due to its sharp turns. Although the ground clearance is not very high, due to its acceleration, it drives very stably when shortcutting across the dunes.
Very good brakes but not overall the best. It manages to compete with many low, medium, and high-tier vehicles.


A section for visual and audible media featuring the Patrol.

Visual gallery


The Patrol after the Atmosphere Update of May 2020, and as of now.


The Patrol on release.


The GUI for the Patrol.

Audio gallery

Normal Maximum upgrades
The idle engine noise.
The idle engine noise with a level 5 engine.

No change

Accelerating and decelerating.
Accelerating and decelerating with a level 5 engine and level 3 brakes.
Accelerating and decelerating in reverse.
Reversing with a level 5 engine and level 3 brakes.
Drifting around corners.
Drifting around corners with a level 5 engine and level 3 brakes.


  • Despite being a police oriented vehicle, the Patrol cannot equip sirens.
  • For some reason, when the Patrol reverses then goes forwards, it generates a more powerful launch and acceleration. This trait is also shared with the Dirtbike and Dune Buggy.
  • If players enter the Patrol when their camera is looking another direction, the Patrol will turn to face the camera view.
  • When equipping body colors that has special effects (such as Chrome, Fall Chrome, Radiant Yellow) it does not seem to show the intended effect. This trait is shared with Dirtbike, Dune Buggy and Jeep (hood only)
  • The Patrol no longer spawns at the Police Station 2. Its former spawn location is taken by the Interrogator.
  • The Patrol can be useful for avoiding auto arresters, exploiters who disable your vehicle then teleport to arrest you; they can do this by disabling your vehicle. It is also helpful when exploiters have a cheat to disable vehicles enabled, as the Patrol can drive normally without its tires being popped.
  • The Patrol, Dune Buggy and Dirtbike cannot use rocket fuel to boost itself.

Miscellaneous Trivia

  • This is the third bike introduced into the game, after the Volt and Dirtbike.
  • This is fourth vehicle with only one seat, after the Classic, Volt, ATV, Jet Ski, Stunt, and Jet.
  • The vehicle spawns in four colors: gray, blue, and yellow, and orange. The Yellow version has more contrast while Gray has a more blended look.
  • The Patrol, Dirtbike, Helicopter, UFO, Little Bird, Black Hawk, Drone, and Blade all have the same reverse speed as fast as the top speed. Though the top speed may vary.
    • The launch speed and acceleration are about the same, again these may vary depending on the vehicle.
  • The Patrol uses the same engine sound as the Dirtbike and Dune Buggy.
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