Pickpocketing is an action performed in Jailbreak by clicking and holding "E" at the back of a Police Officer for 4 seconds until you get a keycard, pistol, donut.. Beware, though, cops know if they get pickpocketed.


There are 3 items you can get by pickpocketing cops in Jailbreak:


Commonly, If you pickpocket a Police, you will get a Keycard, unless the guard has already been pickpocketed an odd amount of times. If the guard has been pickpocketed an odd amount of times, you will get a pistol. If you pickpocket a guard and receive a keycard, that guard can still open/close doors.


Uncommonly, If you pickpocket a Police, you may get a Pistol instead of a keycard. If you get a pistol, it means the guard you pickpocket has already been pickpocketed an odd amount of times. If you pickpocket a Police and receive a pistol, that guard still can use his/her Pistol. When you pickpocket a pistol, it is best to shoot the guard because once he/she gets pickpocketed, a notification with sound will pop up.


Uncommonly, you can get a Donut from a pickpocket. As of the Surprise/Bonus Update, donuts now heal you, so it's very useful to have.



  • It is assumed that Police can still use their Keycard and Pistol after being pickpocketed because they have multiple, as they can also drop multiple Keycard and Pistol if killed.
  • There is a glitch where you can pickpocket police inside a vehicle.
  • The best time to pickpocket a police officer is when you are a prisoner, mainly because you will not lose anything if you fail and get arrested.
  • When you get pickpocketed, a notification would appear in the bottom right corner of your screen saying “[Player Username] just stole your [Item]”.