The Pickup Truck is a vehicle in Jailbreak. It is faster than the Camaro, Mini-Cooper, and Dirtbike. It is also slightly faster than its 1M dollar counterpart, the Monster Truck, and the cheapest vehicle that costs money. This vehicle is able to fit fit up to 4 people. It can hold two people on the front, one in the driver's seat, one in the passenger seat, and two people in the back trunk. The Pickup Truck spawns at the Gas Station. It has a higher risk than other cars of turning over when you turn sharply, due to its build, which is taller than most other cars. Exiting the truck at its spawn area may get you stuck on top of the roof of the gas station. If you are stuck, jumping off is the best way to get off the roof. The Pickup Truck is also sometimes criticized by Jailbreak players, as it is a slow vehicle.

Advantages Disadvantages
While costing money, it's the cheapest vehicle in the game. Slow acceleration.
Much faster with a level 5 engine. Slow compared to most other vehicles.
Passengers on the back can use items. The large size can make it easy for cops to pop the vehicle's tires.
Has great offroading. Has a higher risk of flipping over than many other vehicles.
Faster than the Camaro, Dirtbike, Monster Truck, and Mini-Cooper. Still fairly slow, even with a level 5 engine.
Good handling. You can glitch into Gas Station roof if you jump out of it at its spawn point.
Seats 4 players. Ideal vehicle if you have multiple people with you. Passengers in the back are exposed to gunfire.



  • The Pickup Truck was added along with the SWAT Van in the May 7th Update.
  • You can consider this a cheaper, but a much slower Model3, as it has 4 seats. It also has much, better off-roading than the Model3.
  • The Pickup Truck comes free in the "Jailbreak Starter Pack" deal, which is a 24 hour promotion for people playing the game for the first time.
  • The Pickup Truck is based on a Chevy C10 Pickup.
  • It's good for groups, the only downside being its slow speed and bad acceleration.
  • The Pickup Truck can be seen with roof-lights from a long distance. along with a roof-light Bar coming down and connecting to the Truck bed.
  • The Pickup Truck is the least expensive vehicle in the game if you don't count the free one's.