Police Station 1

The Police Station is located at the Prison next to the courtyard (yard) path. If you exit the main building where the Top Criminals (Most Wanted) Board is found, and follow the path to the right, at the end, you'll find the Police Station with a malfunctioning gate next to it. The Power Box is next to this Police Station.

Inside the station, you can find several weapons and items. You can only get inside if you have a keycard or if a Police officer opens the door for you. A Helicopter also spawns on the roof. Police can open the doors and access it without a need for a keycard as they already have one upon spawning. The SUV also spawns in the front of the Police Station, suggesting the vehicle is meant for police, though any team can drive it.


Like Police Station 2, this Police station is mostly white with blue trim. The first floor has 3 doors, which lead to the interior of the prison, the prison parking lot, and the lunch area where the lifted gate is located. There is a red button at this area which can automatically open the malfunctioning gate. Inside of the police station, there are several desks, most of which have computers. On the wall, there are 2 attire sections where police can equip Police Attire or SWAT Attire, the Flashlight, Binoculars, Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle, and/or Riot Shield. The second floor contains more desks with computers, and a large set of monitors on the wall. There will be a door which leads to the roof of the station. On here, there is a red button which can open the gate between the Visitors Building and the station, and a ladder which leads to the Helicopter spawn. The computers and monitors are not functional, and only serve as decoration.



  • This building has remained mostly unchanged throughout the history of Jailbreak. The only time is has changed is when the Flashlight was moved to the Police section on the wall and when an ATM was added in the 2018 Winter Update.
  • Although criminals cannot equip the Riot Shield or black Pistol here, they can equip the Rifle.
  • There's a pillar in the middle of the station. This resembles those used in real-life fire stations to help firefighters go down floors quickly. This pillar is not functional.
  • There used to be a glitch where prisoners could enter this police station by spam-crawling.
  • During the Fall-themed map, the helicopter pad was yellow.