The Prison is a major location in Jailbreak which prisoners spawn and have to escape from. Half of this compound itself is surrounded by a barbed wire fence, and the rest is surrounded by a large brick wall. The sewers, the latest escape route, is located between the Visitors Building and Police Station 1, which extends into an underground corridor. The back half of the prison has a standard wall with climbable towers (some towers containing buttons that can be used to operate the lights), however, you need a keycard, a Helicopter, a UFO or a BlackHawk to get into these towers. Jumping on top of the barbed-wire fences will hurt players on any team. There are several trees scattered in and around the complex. There is an American flag in the middle of the yard, too. When a Bank or Jewelry Store starts, the Prison bell will sound until the heist is over.


Main Building

The Main Building is the largest building of the Prison, with two floors, several rooms, and plenty of floor space. The first floor contains a large cafeteria and the server's Top Criminals board which serves to display the criminals with the highest bounties. Also on the first floor is a large room, the telephone area. The first floor contains a flight of stairs stairs to the lower floor that houses the prisoner cells and a small armory for the police (or a prisoner if they so happen to obtain a keycard). There are three doors on the main building - one large, always open pair of double doors on the front, a keycard-locked door in the Kitchen, and another keycard-locked one at the side of the hallway next to the Top Criminals board.

Parking Lot

The front of the prison complex contains a very large parking lot. There are three vehicles that spawn at the parking lot: the SWAT Van, that comes with the SWAT Gamepass, a Camaro, and the SUV. Criminals can easily escape from the parking lot if it is left unguarded, as there are several vehicles the criminals can steal, and a hole in the fence that criminals can crawl under to escape. At the entrance of the parking lot is a gate house which contains two buttons which can be used to operate the gates and allow vehicles in or out of the complex. Also in the parking lot sits a single ramp, which can be used for escaping with the addition of Rocket Fuel.


The cafeteria is a location located in the main building. There are 8 tables which you can sit in. There are two doors that require a keycard to access, the door to the storage room and the kitchen. Vending machines are located on the sides, but they are purely aesthetic and serve no function.


The kitchen is a small room that protrudes out of the side of the cafeteria and contains two keycard-locked doors, one inside the cafeteria and one on the front of the Kitchen itself. Criminals can head to the kitchen and climb into the air vent accessible by using the cupboards, to boost yourself into an air vent which will lead you to the top of the Main Building. To escape, all you need to do is cross over a small wire to jump onto the wall. This method of escape is easily the most uncommon one to see being used, and is usually only used when cops are difficult to sneak past.

Telephone Room

The Telephone Room is located in the main building near the entrance. It does not require a keycard. Inside are supposedly telephones and books. You can't actually use the telephones or the books because they are merely just for decoration. Prisoners spawn here sometimes, and you can sit in the chairs. There used to be a glitch where the doors of the room will be locked when a server is started and will require a keycard. This was fixed in the Wings/Spoiler Customization Update.

Police Station 1

Police Station 1 is a well-known location at the Prison. Inside of Police Station 1, there are many Weapons and Items for police officers (or prisoners/criminals with keycards) to obtain. On the roof of the police station, there is a button that opens the gates between the police station and there is also a helipad where the Helicopter spawns. There is an American flag directly in front of the police station.

Security Office

This is a minor location at the back of the cell hallway (opposite the stairs). It holds only a Shotgun and a Pistol and serves as a spawn point for cops during the night hours. They do not like spawning here, as it puts them away from the action and takes a long time to get back to the desired area.

Visitors Building

The Visitors Building is where civilians would come to see their imprisoned friends and family. However, players cannot be civilians, making the building almost entirely useless. It is prohibited for prisoners to enter the structure without a keycard. Since the building is rarely guarded by police officers, it can quite easily be an escape route if a prisoner obtains a keycard. The interior of the building is fairly simple, featuring some chairs, a table, a desk, and some vending machines.


The Yard contains a large variety of objects, although most of them are props only. However, the Trampoline, Treadmill, and Football are all interactable. You can sit on the benches, too.


The Sewers are the new escape way introduced in the Sewer Escape Update. The sewer entrance is located between the Visitors Building and Police Station 1. It has 3 exits. The first exit is in the Prison parking lot, the second is outside the prison near the west perimeter wall and the third one is across from the Camaro spawn next to the tunnel. Be warned! Entering the Sewer makes a Prisoner guilty.

Storage Room

The storage room is a minor location that is located inside the main building near the cafeteria. To enter, it requires a keycard to enter. When inside, there are boxes on each side. However, these boxes serve no purpose except to decorate the room. There is another door beyond that also requires a keycard and it leads behind the Main Building.

Accessing Prison Locations

Most locations inside the Prison requires a Keycard for a prisoner to enter or a police officer can let them in. The exceptions are your Cell, the Cafeteria, the Yard, the Telephone Room.

Escaping the Prison

If you want to find out more on how to or different methods you can find those here.



  • The Visitor Building, Police Station 1, and the Main Building are the colors of the teams in Jailbreak, prisoner (orange), criminal (red), and police (blue).
  • There is an easter egg in the Yard, a soccer ball.
  • In some servers that have just begun, some of the doors and fences in the prison which would normally be open are closed (e.g. the yard gates).
  • When Jailbreak was first released, the grass wasn't actually terrain (except for the yard). This was changed in the Ramp Update.
  • Players used to be considered to be guilty when between the Visitor Building and Police Station 1. This was changed in the Sewer Escape Update.