Jailbreak's Prison operates on a daily schedule. While guards may choose to enforce or ignore this daily routine, the game itself does not force the players to enter their cells, attend breakfast, work out in the yard, etc.

Usually, prisoners don't follow this schedule and focus on escaping the prison.

Each 15-minute time period is 10 real-world seconds long, meaning an hour is 40 seconds long, and full day-night cycle is 24 minutes (plus two 4 minutes of rain cycle).

Time Name Description Prisoner Spawn Police


6:30 AM Breakfast Grab a bite to start your day in the Cafeteria! Cafeteria Anywhere except Security Office
11:00 AM Yard Go for a run, work out, or play a game in the yard! Yard or Telephone Room Anywhere except Security Office
3:00 PM Free Everything is open! Relax, walk around, make a phone call. Yard or Telephone Room Anywhere except Security Office
6:30 PM Dinner Grab a bite to eat before curfew Cafeteria Anywhere except Security Office
11:00 PM Cells Time for bed! Head to your cell. Yard or Telephone Room Security Office


  • This feature was added for realism, not much else.
  • The game itself doesn’t force prisoners to follow the schedule, so therefore prisoners usually prioritize escaping.
  • The clock will pause when it rains. Now the full day-night takes about 24 minutes due to a rain episode during 4 minutes and occurs 2 episodes per full day-night. Even if the clock pauses, no robbery place would be affected by it. asimo3089 is fully aware of that and it's considered a feature.
  • One of the descriptions actually includes a 'phone call', even though phone calls aren't a feature.
  • The schedule's don't appear when you are a criminal or cop.