The Ramp is a feature in the map that was added on the update of July 8th, 2017. Ramps do nothing special except launch your car in the air when you ride off them.The most common car to utilize the ramps would be the Bugatti, seeing as it is the one of the supercars in the game and optionally the car that would perform the best on the ramps. Ramps are currently scattered all across the map.


  • Ramps have been a requested feature since Jailbreak first came out.
  • There are currently about 11 ramps in the game. Each one does its own thing, whether it's going over mountains or simply going over rivers.
  • According to the developers, more are expected to be added soon. People have already seen this, they've always been adding new ramps to places.
  • Even though supercars are recommended to do ramps; other cars can do well at them, too.
  • The Dirtbike and the Dune Buggy can't do ramps very well.
  • Before an update, the ramps used to be wooden.
  • In a recent update, there is now a Ramp in the parking lot of the prison, with cones surrounding it.
  • In the Spoilers/Wings Customization Update, the pattern on the ramps was changed from a straight white line to a white square in the middle.
  • Ramps usually help you get to a location quicker.

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