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The content featured on this page is no longer obtainable in Jailbreak. It is now exclusive content that can only be used by owners, and is restricted for new players.

Became unobtainable on: November 3rd, 2019 (Season 4 Update)


The Raptor is a now unobtainable special and off-road vehicle that was added to Jailbreak on 6/23/2019. It is one of the vehicles that was added as a reward for Season 3, along with its Criminal counterpart, the R8.

The Raptor is a vehicle meant specifically for Police, as stated by Badimo, much like the Arachnid from Season 1 and 2.


Unlike most vehicles, the Raptor had specific requirements that players had to meet in order to obtain it. Over the course of Event Season Updates, this vehicle's requirements and obtainability have changed.

The Raptor made its debut alongside the R8 in Season 3. It required Level 30 on the Police team to unlock, and cost $150,000.

In Season 4, the Raptor was made unobtainable. If a player attempts to purchase it, they will receive a notification that states: "Vehicle is from another season."

Advantages Disadvantages
Very good off-roading. Passengers sitting in the back are exposed to gunfire.
Carries up to six people (same as the Monster Truck and the Cybertruck). Tips over when turning while using Rocket fuel.
Easier to obtain than the R8. Due to its large size, it's easy to pop its tires.
Great handling. Some cheaper vehicles have better speed stats such as Lamborghini and Tesla Model 3.
Very stable in collisions. It cannot be obtained as of the Season 4 update.
The stock suspension is very high. Somewhat expensive for new players.
Rarer than other vehicles due to its limited-time availability. Price to Performance ratio is bad in terms of acceleration and speed, due to it being beaten by the Tesla Model 3 in acceleration and top speed, and the Model 3 is far more cheaper.



  • The Raptor, hence its name, is based on the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor.
  • Despite looking quite like something a criminal would drive, due to its beat-up pickup truck style, the Raptor is actually very well researched: the most common police car brand is Ford.
    • However, the most common police car manufactured by Ford is actually the Ford Crown Victoria, not the Ford F-150 or any other vehicles in their pickup range.
  • This vehicle does not spawn with a siren but is equipped with one in the Twitter teaser image.
  • The Raptor was confirmed to be a good off-road vehicle, as stated in a Badimo tweet before its release: "Patrol the roads (and trails) in this off-road performance truck! Coming soon!"
  • This is the third truck to be added, the first being the Pickup Truck and the second being the Monster Truck.
  • Within the Twitter teaser image, the truck has a set of non-standard Arachnid rims on the vehicle. Whilst these can be put on the vehicle in-game, the set visible on the truck in the teaser image is larger than normal and this unusual attribute cannot be replicated.

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